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Gender-Affirming Communication Programs

trans pride flagWhat is Gender-Affirming Communication? 

Gender-affirming communication treatment provides guided exploration of voice and communication parameters to aid discovery your personal voice and communication style while using healthy vocal techniques.  Our goal is to provide top tier services in an affirming environment.  All of our gender communication specialists are Safe Space-trained.

Studies indicate that a voice that is incongruent with gender identity can negatively impact quality of life, in addition to attracting unwanted attention and greatly impacting safety (Oates & Dacakis, 2015)

Speech-Language Pathology Evaluation & Treatment

Our Speech-Language Pathologists, who have specialty training and expertise in gender affirming communication, begin by evaluating your personal goals for your voice. 

Assessment will include:

  • A detailed history collection
  • Laryngeal Function Studies consisting of computerized voice analysis and airway measures
  • Behavioral voice and communication analysis
  • Discussion and development of your goals 

Treatment Services offered:

  • Voice and Communication styles across the gender spectrum, including individualized services for:
    • Neutralization
    • Feminization
    • Masculinization
  • Voices in Transition Group Therapy


Links for Additional Resources & Information

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