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Sample Block Schedule

Month Weeks Fellow 1 Fellow 2 Fellow 3 Fellow 4
July 1st 2 weeks Psych Rehab Nursing Home Nursing Home
  2nd 2 weeks Psych Rehab Nursing Home Nursing Home
August 1st 2 weeks VA Rehab Psych Acute
  2nd 2 weeks Hospice Rehab Psych VA
September 1st 2 weeks Home Care VA Rehab Psych
  2nd 2 weeks Home Care Acute Rehab Psych
October 1st 2 weeks PACE Psych Rehab Home Care
  2nd 2 weeks Acute Psych Rehab Home Care
November 1st 2 weeks Psych Nursing Home VA PC
  2nd 2 weeks Psych Nursing Home PC Elective
December 1st 2 weeks Rehab Acute Hospice Psych
  2nd 2 weeks Rehab VA Acute Psych
January 1st 2 weeks Rehab PC Elective Acute
  2nd 2 weeks Rehab PACE PC Hospice
February 1st 2 weeks VA Psych Home Care PACE
  2nd 2 weeks Acute Psych Home Care VA
March 1st 2 weeks Nursing Home Elective VA Rehab
  2nd 2 weeks Nursing Home Hospice Acute Rehab
April 1st 2 weeks Hospice Psych Psych Rehab
  2nd 2 weeks Elective Psych Psych Rehab
May 1st 2 weeks Acute Hospice PACE PC
  2nd 2 weeks PC Acute Elective Elective
June 1st 2 weeks Elective PC Acute Hospice
  2nd 2 weeks PC Elective Hospice Acute

Rehabilitation (Rehab): Skilled Nursing Facility Rehabilitation (SNF Rehab) at Monroe Community Hospital (Faith 5 East)

Nursing Home: Monroe Community Hospital and other community nursing home sites

Psychiatry (Psych): Monroe Community Hospital, Outpatient Psychiatry (Older Adults Clinic), TeleECHO Clinic

Acute: Highland Hospital Acute Care for Elders (ACE) Unit, Geriatric Consultation Service, and Geriatric Fracture Center

Hospice: Visiting Nurse Hospice Program. Leo Center of Caring Inpatient Hospice at St. Ann’s Community, and other community sites

Palliative Care (PC): Palliative Care Consult service at Highland Hospital

Program of All Inclusive Care of the Elderly (PACE): ElderOne is the PACE program affiliated with Rochester Regional Heath System/Hudson Avenue Main Site

Home Care: VA Home Based Primary Care Program, Visiting Nurse Service (VNS), Unity Geriatrics, and other community sites

VA: Canandaigua VA Medical Center (Canandaigua, New York) – nursing home and outpatient services