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Adrienne Victor

  • Medical School:  University of Illinois at Urbana
  • Residency: University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA)

Why Did You Choose Your Field

At first I wanted to do basic science research but the more I did, the more I craved more human interaction and direct applications.  From there, the path to medicine and then oncology was the clear choice given the combination of close patient relationships and in-depth understanding of biology.  I am extremely happy now that I am in fellowship and now doing what I’ve been working towards for years!

Program Uniqueness

University of Rochester is an extremely friendly and supportive program that extends a great deal of flexibility in pursuing your goals.  I have found it easy to pursue research and clinical trials in my areas of interest, while others with a more community focus have been able to see a broad range of diseases in a variety of practice settings.

Program Recommendation

I would highly recommend this program to anyone!

Learned Skills

I have gained an understanding of the clinical course and management of common cancer types as well as many rare and unusual variants.  We also have routine discussions and projects involving patient interaction, quality improvement, and research.  I have had the opportunity to write and oversee a clinical trial in immunotherapy as well as participate in the peer review committee for other trials in progress.

Living In Rochester

I really enjoy the balance between rural and urban; there is plenty of hiking and nature readily available, as well as the conveniences of a city.  The area is extremely great for families as well with lots of activities for all ages.  Also, Wegmans. 

Research Interests

My disease focus is cutaneous malignancies as well as rare tumors, which generally is encompassed by melanoma/sarcoma.  For research I am interested in developing and running clinical trials and translational research, especially precision medicine/tumor profiling.

Research Projects

I have written a clinical trial of neoadjuvant immunotherapy for soft tissue sarcoma.  I have also conducted a review of the utility of next generation sequencing in sarcoma.   

Career Goals

My goal is to pursue a career in academics specializing in treating melanomas/sarcoma and conducting clinical trials and translational research.

How Has This Program Prepared You For Your Future

This program has provided a great balance of general hematology and oncology education while also allowing me to focus on my diseases of choice continuously throughout my fellowship.  I have readily received support and mentorship in my research interests, and felt very competitive in interviewing for positions I was interested in!