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Fellows' Top Ten Lists

We polled our Fellows for the top ten things they like about the program and about Rochester. The results are in!

Top 10 Reasons We Love this Program

  1. Core lecture series – every summer, our expert faculty deliver a set of weekly lectures on core topics of pulmonary & critical care medicine
  2. City Wide – Everyone’s favorite weekly pulmonary conference gets every Wednesday off to a great start.
  3. Protected research time – all PCCM fellows have a guaranteed 9-18 months of protected time for research.
  4. Subspecialty expertise – asthma, pulmonary hypertension, interstitial lung disease, tuberculosis, lung cancer and more! During your subspecialty outpatient rotation, you will have the chance to rotate with true leaders in these areas of pulmonary medicine.
  5. Annual conference – every fellow gets funding and coverage during every year of fellowship to attend a national meeting.
  6. Bronchoscopy – basic and advanced, you’ll see it all here. Under the guidance of our interventional pulmonary faculty, you will move from fundamental to advanced, state-of-the-art skills. The current reigning champion # of bronchoscopies is 360 – do you think you can top her?
  7. The MICU - >3000 admissions a year, baby!
  8. Airways! Most fellows graduate with 100+ intubations during their training
  9. The faculty – this place and its people love you back!
  10. The other fellows and residents – when you are here, you are family.

Top 10 Things we Love about Rochester*

  1. Canandaigua Lake: Sailing, boating, swimming, or just sunning
  2. The Good Luck Burger: Heaven in a pound of beef
  3. Pittsford Dairy Ice Cream– worth waiting in that line!
  4. Microbreweries abound!
  5. Eastman Theater and School of Music (Jazz Fest!)
  6. Rochester City Public Market: Check out those empanadas!
  7. Bristol, Swain, Holiday Valley: Affordable skiing within 45 minutes
  8. Historically and currently a politically active, progressive city (Susan B and Frederick Douglass)
  9. Little Theatre and George Eastman House: Treasures for the Film buffs
  10. All the trails for all the seasons: Mendon Ponds Park, Erie Canal, Dryer Road Park, Genesee Riverway Trail, Cobbs Hill, Highland Park, Letchworth...

* There is also a separate but more than equal list of Rochester’s Top Ten for Families/kids/pets... Ask your PD’s and fellows!

Patrick Donohue (PGY 5)

Patrick Donohue

Residency / University of Rochester
Hometown / Rochester, NY

Rochester boasts the many amenities of a medium-sized city, including numerous restaurants, breweries, music halls, museums, theatres, etc, but also allows for easy access to the beautiful outdoors, including Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes (vineyards!), hiking and biking trails, parks, and two ski resorts within an hour of the city.

Rochester is also incredibly affordable (even on a fellow's salary) for anyone with or without kids or pets.  I personally spend a lot of time running and biking the many Rochester trails, kayaking the endless rivers and streams, and frequenting the many restaurants, bars, and breweries (more often in non-COVID times).”