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2018-19 Preventive Medicine Residents

1st Year Residents (PGY-2)

Scott Matthews, M.D.

Scott Matthews, M.D.

Scott Matthews was educated at Yale University and the University of New Mexico.  He has a long-standing interest in preventive medicine, as a researcher and a clinician. Scott’s research activities include mapping environmental gene flow, use of systems theory to develop health policy, polymer chemistry, drug delivery, infectious disease prevention, tropical medicine, urban water quality, and global health.  He is now in the process of filing a patent for an environmentally friendly mosquito larvicide effective against vectors of Zika virus, malaria, and dengue fever with longtime collaborator Ravi Durvasula. His clinical interests include environmental health, primary prevention of psychiatric illness, use of deciduous teeth to screen for lead exposure, treatment of immune dysfunction, addiction medicine, development of social media platforms to promote Type II diabetes management, and food intolerance.  Prior to his career in preventive medicine, Scott worked in music, pharmaceutical development, and education.  In his spare time, he enjoys music composition, Taylor guitars, running, yoga, and Muay Thai.


Janaki Nathan, M.D.

Janaki Nathan, M.D.

Janaki Nathan completed college at University of Chicago and earned a B.S. in Chemistry. After two years working in basic science research, she attended medical school at University of Rochester. She especially enjoyed learning about the genetic and environmental factors that influence neuroscience, psychology, and human behavior. She also worked on two rewarding public health research studies: one assessing water use beliefs and practices in rural Ecuador and one evaluating a mentoring program designed to increase emotional literacy in Rochester elementary school children. After she received her Doctor of Medicine Degree, she started child neurology residency at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. There she realized that she wanted to focus on psychological health in her clinical work. She relocated to Seattle, WA, where she worked at the University of Washington on a clinical research study examining the effect of validating and invalidating behavior from parents on self-harming, suicidal adolescents. Following that experience, she returned to University of Rochester and started psychiatry residency before transitioning to preventive medicine residency. She wants to empower patients to nurture their own health by engaging in a network of relationships that supports the personal growth necessary for sustaining self-care. Outside of work, Janaki enjoys being in nature, running, dancing, yoga, music, art, gardening, movies, and animals.

2nd Year Residents (PGY-3)

Hugo Alvarez, M.D.

Hugo Alvarez, M.D.

Hugo Alvarez grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and moved to Michigan during high school. He completed my Bachelors of Science at Michigan State University. There hr worked between classes conducting surveys on different types of health information from the general population, including the Hispanic population, nationwide. After his time at Michigan State, he did work for a professor conducting a research study on obstructive sleep apnea at Wayne State University. Hugo studied medicine at Universidad Central del Caribe in Puerto Rico. During medical school, he was involved in a trip to Panama to help poor children with some of their basic medical needs. and was also involved in a medical student group that would help homeless people in Puerto Rico get basic medical care. After medical school, he completed about 2 years of an emergency medicine residency in Puerto Rico. During that time, Hugo got to see some unique problems in medical care in different populations and social classes, and some of the problems with the health care system itself. Hugo's interests for research include finding improvements in the health care system by improving the patient’s knowledge in a way that could prevent chronic illness complications; and combating the prevalence of wasteful and incorrect uses of medical services - such as in emergency departments, leading to better outcomes and lower costs.

Keva Collier, M.D.

Keva Collier

Keva Collier is a graduate of Duke University with a major in Biological Anthropology and Anatomy and minor in Chemistry and African-American studies. She received her Doctor of Medicine Degree from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina. She began her medical training in Family Medicine. During this period, she developed a strong interest in healthcare administration and policy, and the desire to create solutions to improve healthcare in clinical practice and public health. Dr. Collier went on to complete a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Administration and Policy at Auburn University. In her spare time, she enjoys hospice volunteering to provide companionship and support to patients and their families. She also enjoys participating in health seminars for members of her family and church and counseling them on ways to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her personal interests include distance running, still life drawing, traveling, baking and science fiction books and movies.

Shaili Saini, M.D.

Shaili Saini, M.D.

Shaili Saini attended the University at Albany where she majored in Biology and Education, and minored in Religious Studies, Chemistry and Physics. She then attended Saba University School of Medicine where she received her Doctor of Medicine Degree. Dr Saini then completed General Surgery with a concentration in Burn Plastics Surgery, Bariatric Surgery and Vascular Surgery. It was through these experiences where she realized that information, education and prevention are the most relevant key factors when treating her patients, and providing them with the best care possible. In her personal life she spearheads food and clothing drives and personally hand delivers the donations to those in need. She also enjoys photography, experiencing foreign cultures, and maintaining a happy and healthy life style.