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Education / Graduate Education / News / UR Graduate Women in Science (GWIS) 2021 Mentoring-Up Resolution Challenge CONTEST RESULTS


UR Graduate Women in Science (GWIS) 2021 Mentoring-Up Resolution Challenge CONTEST RESULTS

Contest Details:

Full-time UR grad students (gender-inclusive) in biomedical, biological, or chemical sciences took charge of their futures by setting and, through mentoring-up, achieving professional and personal goals for Spring 2021. Participants submitted their goals in a January write-up and progress reports on their professional goals in May. The anonymous faculty evaluation committee selected finalists to present on May 20th. All four presenters were selected to win $1500 ea. in technology-related (hardware, software and/or peripherals) prizes. Of note, submissions for this contest were received from graduate students of 12 different programs!

Congratulations, Mentoring-Up Resolution Challenge Winners:

Taylor Uccello
Immunology, Microbiology & Virology Grad Student

4th year | Gerber Lab

Ashlin Poruthoor
Biophysics, Structural & Computational Biology Grad Student

3rd year | Grossfield Lab

Lily Cisco
Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology Grad Student

3rd year | Lueck Lab

Shraddha Shah
Neuroscience Grad Student

5th year | Briggs Lab

Honorable Mentions:

Medina Afandiyeva, Chemistry Grad Student, 1st year, Kennedy Lab

Sara Ali, BSCB Grad Student, 2nd year, Mathews Lab

Debamitra Chakraborty, Materials Science Grad Student, 3rd year, Sobolewski Lab

Brandon Davis, BMB Grad Student, 4th year, O'Connell Lab

Lananh Ho, Biomedical Engineering Grad Student, 1st year, rotating

Mary Moran, IMV Grad Student, 4th year MBI/1st year MPH, Beck & Gill Labs

Kuan-Lin (Zona) Yeh, Nursing Grad Student, 3rd year, Groth Lab

Frances Tolibzoda Zakusilo, Neuroscience Grad Student, 3rd year, Gorbunova & O'Banion Labs

Sponsored by GWIS, an initiative of the NIH T32 Predoctoral Training Grant in Cellular, Biochemical and Molecular Sciences.