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Student Council

The MSTP student body is intimately involved with the administration of the Program. The MSTP Student Council is elected by popular vote at each MSTP Annual Retreat and is comprised of a president, the past president, various chairpersons, and representatives to medical school committees and the American Physician Scientist Association (APSA). The Council conducts meetings open to the Program regularly throughout the year.

Responsibilities of the Council include many essential programmatic functions, including admissions interview weekends and Revisit Weekend, co-curricular activities, and social events. The Student Council also participates in recruiting, programmatic advancement, science education, and many other activities.


Scott Friedland, G4

Convenes meetings of the student body and Student Council. Coordinates the various council activities and initiatives. Leads issues of programmatic advancement.

Past President

Stephanie Syc-Mazurek, M3

Advises the student council and chairs the Medical Scientist Research Symposium for the following year.


Admissions Co-Chairs

Andrew Smith, G3; Dawling Dionisio-Santos, G3

Aid in coordinating applicant interview weekends and represent applicants on the MSTP Admissions Committee. Organize Revisit Weekend for accepted applicants.

Applicant Dinner Coordinators

To be appointed by Admissions Co-Chairs

Applicant Greeters

First year MSTP medical students

Applicant Host Coordinator

To be appointed by Admissions Co-Chairs

Events Chair

Aditi Misra, G1

Organizes the Dinner Seminar Series each semester and the MSTP Annual Retreat. Also organizes the Tri-Institutional MD/PhD Program Conference every third year.

MSRS Chair

Hayley Martin, G3

Organizes and coordinates annual Medical Scientist Research Symposium (MSRS). Requests nominations for keynote speakers from MSTP student body. Invites speakers two years in advance.

Outreach Chair

Brendan Whitelaw, G1

Attends conferences for high school and undergraduate students to promote science education. Promotes awareness of dual-degree training through conference attendance, outreach activities, and social media.

Public Relations Chair

Irina Lerman, G4

Promotes the Rochester MSTP to prospective students, URMC, and the general public through the MSTP Web site and social media. Assists in newsletter preparation. Records minutes of student body and student council meetings.

Social Co-Chairs

Karl Foley, G1; Keshov Sharma, G1

Organize and coordinate regular programmatic social events. Also organize the annual winter holiday party and assist with the annual graduation brunch.


APSA Institutional Representative

Libby Saionz, G3

Represents the MSTP at annual regional and national conferences of the American Physician Scientist Association.

Honor Board

Colleen Schneider, G3

Attend regular meetings of the Honor Board and serve as a resource to MSTP students for ethical and professional issues.

Medical School Curriculum Committee

CC3/4 Representative(s): Stephanie Syc-Mazurek, M3

MS2 Representative: Catherine Pizzarello, M2

MS1 Representative: Mike Sportiello, M1

Represent MSTP students at regular meetings of the Medical School Curriculum Committee. Responsible for ensuring that MSTP educational interests are represented in the MD curriculum.