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Research Seminar Series

The Flaum Eye Institute 2015 - 2016 Schedule

The Flaum Eye Institute Research Seminar series is the 4th Friday of every month.

Agenda for Sessions

  • 12:15 p.m.. Social with Pizza
  • 12:30 p.m.. – Presentation and Q & A

For information call (585) 273-2609. Thank you!

Date Speaker Lab Topic
August 28, 2015 Kenny Cheong Merigan "In vivo functional imaging of mouse retinal neurons"
September 25, 2015 Berkely Farhenthold Libby "The Injury Response Factor JUN is Not Required for Excitotoxic Retinal Ganglion Cell Death.”
October 30, 2015 Rebecca Rausch Libby "Spatiotemporal roles of Notch and BMP signaling in anterior segment development"
January 22, 2016 Christina Schwarz Williams

"Advances in 2P imaging in the living eye"

February 26, 2016 Mengchen Xu Yoon "Corneal Biomechanics and It's Impact on Refractive Surgery Outcome" 
March 25, 2016 Antoine Barbot Yoon "Mechanisms of Long-Term Neural Adaption to Ocular Optics and Neural Processing"
April 22, 2016 ARVO practice