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Research Seminar Series

The Flaum Eye Institute 2017 Schedule

The Flaum Eye Institute Research Seminar series is the 4th Friday of every month.

Agenda for Sessions

  • 12:15 p.m... Social with Pizza
  • 12:30 p.m... – Presentation and Q & A

For information call (585) 273-2609. Thank you!

Date Speaker Lab Topic
February 24, 2017 Juliette McGregor Merigan (ARIA) “Perceiving polarized light with the naked eye”
March 24, 2017 Michael Melnick Huxlin "Adaptation to motion in cortically blind patients"
April 28, 2017 ARVO practice  


June 5, 2017 Ajay Kuriyan, MD, MS   "HC-HA/PTX3: A potential novel therapy for proliferative vitreoretinopathy"
June 23, 2017 Rachel Wozniak, MD, PhD   "Development of Novel Ophthalmic Antibiotics"
July 28, 2017 Elizabeth Saionz Huxlin "Retraining Vision after Stroke: Does Timing Matter?"
August 25, 2017 Mengchen Xu Yoon "Corneal Biomechanics"
September 22, 2017 Chad Galloway Singh "Drusen in a dish: Novel patient-derived hiPSC model(s) of macular
October 27, 2017 Sonal Dalvi Singh TBD