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Dysplasia Clinic
Rochester Ambulatory Care Center at Strong Memorial Hospital


601 Elmwood Avenue
2nd Floor
Rochester, NY 14642

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Monday–Friday 8 a.m.−4:30 p.m.


At the UR Medicine Anal Dysplasia Clinic, our primary goal is your comfort, privacy and to provide you with expert care. Our specially trained and certified team provides anal cancer screening and treatment of anal dysplasia, a pre-cancerous condition often associated with past exposure to HPV (human papillomavirus) that may lead to anal cancer.

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What to Expect During Dysplasia Screening

Dysplasia screening is an outpatient procedure done in a clinic setting. During the exam, our provider aims to identify and treat any pre-cancerous cells in the anal canal before they change to abnormal cells. Examinations typically take about 45 minutes.

Before your exam, no prep is needed, and you will not need a driver (unlike colonoscopy exams).

When you arrive, our nursing team will take your vital signs, ask questions about your history and symptoms, and prepare you for your procedure. You will then meet the provider doing your exam (PA/NP) in the procedure room.

They will review what our nursing team has gone over, explain the procedure, and answer any questions. There will be a technician helping during the exam, and we have female and male techs. If you would like a female tech in the room, please let the nurse know when they bring you back.

During the exam, you will lie on your left side and be covered with a sheet or blanket. The PA/NP will do the exam, which takes about 15-17 minutes. They will use a numbing gel during the exam to make you more comfortable. If you need a biopsy, she will do it during the exam. It is a tiny sample, and most people do not feel anything because of the numbing gel.

After the exam, your PA/NP will answer any questions and review your care plan. When you are finished, you can get dressed and check out.