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Memory Care Program

Part of Strong Memorial Hospital


315 Science Parkway
Entrance B, Suite 200
Rochester, NY 14620

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(585) 271-6987


Monday Through Friday 8 a.m.−4:30 p.m.


The Memory Care Program provides diagnosis, treatment, and care of neurodegenerative conditions that affect the elderly and the aging nervous system. We offer a specialty service that focuses on patients with memory problems due to dementia and/or probable Alzheimer's. We evaluate the patient and make recommendations to the primary care physician. Family members are encouraged to attend the initial visit, as this is a good time to ask questions and to provide input. 

Our program specializes in treating older patients with:

  • Memory loss
  • Dementia
  • Cognitive dysfunction
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Patient & Visitor Information

Patients will be seen by a physician or nurse practitioner specializing in memory evaluation and will undergo a thorough review of medical history and symptoms. Laboratory tests and special studies may be ordered, which may include brain imaging or neuropsychological testing. 

The medical team will explain the diagnosis to the patient and suggest ways for the family to deal with any difficulties that have been identified. The clinic will send a report of the examination results to the patient’s primary care doctor and a family member, if desired.

Usually, you can expect to be here for 1½ hours at the most. 


  • Assessment, evaluation, and diagnostic workup
  • Ongoing medication management and help with challenging behaviors
  • Recommendations for treatment
  • Information, education, and support for their care partners
  • Referrals for community resources
  • Opportunities to participate in research studies

Appointment Information

Before we set up an appointment we like to review records from the patient’s primary care provider. Prior to your visit, we also like to review the completed demographic packet, which will be mailed to you in advance. Please indicate on the cover sheet the person we should call to set up an appointment. Once the demographic packet is reviewed, we will then call to schedule the appointment. Call (585) 273-5454 to begin this process.