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Center for Advanced Brain Imaging and Neurophysiology (CABIN)
Rochester Medical Center Annex


430 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620

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Monday–Friday 8 a.m.−5 p.m.


The University of Rochester Center for Advanced Brain Imaging & Neurophysiology (UR CABIN) is a multimodal imaging facility that supports human and preclinical imaging research. Providing researchers with different methods of study, CABIN supports a wide range of scientific discoveries – from basic to clinical neuroscience. The Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience is a national leader in neuroscience research. With a team-based science approach - faculty, postdocs, and students collaborate at the bench to innovate, discover, and progress our understanding of the brain.


Our state-of-the-art brain imaging technologies:

  • 3T Siemens Prisma MRI scanner
  • 9.4T Bruker animal MRI scanner with PET insert (Spring 2023)
  • High-density Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Eye tracking
  • Mobile Brain Body Imaging (MOBI)

Researchers also use assessment rooms for behavioral and cognitive testing. UR CABIN offers workshops, research presentations, summer research experiences, tours, and demonstrations elevating the vital educational component to research.