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UR Medicine

Adult Inpatient Services

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Our Adult Inpatient Psychiatry Service serves patients ages 18 and up who have symptoms of serious psychiatric illness or disorder requiring a safe and therapeutic environment during evaluation and treatment. The service consists of three separate units, including one that is specifically designed to meet the needs of patients ages 60 and over, as well as units that specialize in treating adults with co-occurring disorders for both mental illness and drug or alcohol abuse. Admissions to the inpatient service generally occur on an emergency basis.

A fourth adult inpatient unit specializes in medically ill adults who also have a mental health disorder. The 20-bed unit was created to provide comprehensive care for patients with complex needs. In addition to receiving high-quality medical care, important mental health concerns are addressed during a patient’s stay.

We use a team-based approach for the evaluation and treatment of each patient, actively involving families and other care and treatment providers. Our acute inpatient mental healthcare teams consist of:

  • A psychiatrist
  • A psychiatric nurse practitioner or resident
  • A psychiatric social worker
  • Psychiatric registered nurses
  • Psychiatric technicians
  • Activities therapists

Discharge planning begins immediately after admission to prepare each patient and family to move to a less restrictive level of care as soon as it is clinically safe to do so.