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Pediatrics / Cook Lab / Previous Research

Obesity Studies in Children and Adolescents

Observational Studies and Intervention Projects

Work includes both observational studies and intervention projects.

  1. Percent of Obese Children in Monroe County by Town

    Percent of Obese Children in Monroe County by Town.
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    We are conducting a community wide surveillance study to identify the rate and distribution of obesity among children and adolescents across Monroe County. (See press release for more information.)

  2. A center of best practices for the prevention of childhood obesity is underdevelopment. This center provides training and resources for primary care providers and link community resources and agencies to best practices around parenting skills, nutrition and physical activity.
  3. A longitudinal community cohort study of pre-adolescent children is being planned to study the development of cardiovascular risk factors during the key phases of childhood and the impact tobacco exposure has. This study seeks to identify 9 and 10 year olds and their families willing to be followed for annual visits over 3 years. This group will be tracked through adolescents and into adulthood with a plan is to identify key protective factors for future cardiovascular health.

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