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Program Goals

The goal of the Academic General Pediatrics Fellowship Program is to produce fellows with expertise in cultural, societal, community, and system factors that affect the quality of care and health outcomes of vulnerable populations. We define “vulnerable populations” as children, adolescents, and families from economic or emotional poverty, those from minority backgrounds, and those with special healthcare needs due to chronic medical, developmental, mental, or behavioral conditions.

2023 Fellows at the NYC Public LibraryOur program prepares the next generation of general pediatric leaders to conduct successful research and scholarly activities in the critical areas of primary care, community pediatrics, medical education, cultural competence, hospital medicine, health literacy and health disparities, with an overarching focus on vulnerable populations.

An excellent predictor of future success is past success. In the past, our fellowship has developed outstanding fellows who have obtained faculty positions and typically been successful in their scholarly careers. We aim to prepare a new workforce of academic generalists who will solve problems of vulnerable populations through top quality research, teaching, advocacy and clinical work in their future careers.