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Pediatrics / General Pediatrics Division

General Pediatrics


The Division of General Pediatrics offers multidisciplinary clinical services in our outpatient practices.  We work closely with professionals from nursing, behavioral health, social work, and a variety of other fields. We specialize in prevention of disease, primary-care management of chronic conditions, and care of children and adolescents in the context of their families and communities.

Research in the Division focuses on improving health care delivery and health outcomes for vulnerable children and youth.  Our work is based on a multidisciplinary and community-based model of scientific investigation, practice change, and continuous quality and clinical improvement. Funding through local and national sources supports several areas of research including childhood asthma, obesity and nutrition, breastfeeding, adverse childhood experiences and behavioral health, lead prevention, and immunization delivery. 

The Division offers up to a 3-year General Academic Pediatrics Fellowship. Most fellows obtain a Master’s degree in Public Health or Health Professions Education. Resident education is provided through training in our clinical practice and through our unique community-based programs (Pediatric Links with the Community and the Community Health and Advocacy Resident Education).

The Division of General Pediatrics’ Mission:

  • To provide comprehensive, patient-centered clinical care
  • To conduct research that impacts outcomes for vulnerable children and families
  • To teach learners of all disciplines
  • To advocate for children and their families on a local and national level