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Educational Activities

Seminars and Conferences

The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program has an organized series of seminars, guest lectures, and regularly scheduled conferences to enhance the fellows’ educational experience. Required conferences and other experiences allow fellows to present cases and/or journal articles and participate in discussion. In some settings, fellows teach residents and medical students.

Department Conferences & Meetings

The Department of Pediatrics hosts a variety of conferences and meetings that enhance clinical and research training and meet ABP and ACGME requirements. These conferences and meetings give our fellows an opportunity to interact with well-established clinicians and researchers, both internal and external to URMC.

Graduate-Level Courses

Fellows enroll in one graduate-level course during each year of training, selected with the aid of the program director and laboratory mentor. All fellows must take the School of Medicine and Dentistry interdepartmental course, IND 501, Ethics and Professional Integrity. Graduate-level courses across the university are open to our fellows; most choose courses in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. Additional course work is encouraged, but not required, for fellows holding a Ph.D. Degree.

Inpatient Rounds


While on service, fellows round with attendings to care for all patients on the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Service.

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Clinical Conference


Division attendings, trainees, and nurses attend this conference where current patients are reviewed and administrative issues discussed.

Med-Peds Infectious Diseases Conference


Interesting cases are presented for discussion, followed by a didactic presentation on a relevant aspect of the case. This conference is organized and presented by fellows or residents rotating on the division's clinical service.

Infectious Diseases Journal Club


Faculty and fellows review and discuss articles relevant to clinical infectious diseases from assigned journals, encouraging all attendees to remain current with major medical journals. This is a joint conference held with members of the Department of Medicine's Infectious Disease Unit.

Infection Control Conference


These sessions are facilitated by infection control practitioners and faculty and fellows attend. Pediatric infectious diseases fellows are expected to attend as many of these conferences as their schedule allows.

Optional Seminars and Conferences

Department of Clinical Microbiology Lab Rounds

3x per week

Faculty and postdoctoral fellows meet to discuss microbiologic aspects of current infectious disease cases. Pediatric and adult infectious diseases fellows and faculty attend this conference as their time permits.

Infectious Diseases Research Conference


These research seminars provide an excellent forum for constructive criticism and discussion of ongoing faculty and fellow research projects.

Infectious Diseases City Wide Conference


Regional practitioners from around the area meet to discuss emergent infections in the area, and state and national issues.

Guest Speaker Series


The Departments of Microbiology and Immunology, Medicine, and Pediatrics each have an extensive outside guest speaker series. These lectures provide an opportunity for our trainees to be exposed to a wide variety of notable scientists and research areas relevant to infectious diseases and immunology.