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Pediatrics / Neonatology Division / Simulation Program


Neonatal Innovation and Safety Simulation Program

Our Mission

Our Mission is to collaborate across professions and disciplines to promote patient safety and neonatal outcomes through excellence in training, innovation and research.

  • Patient Quality and Safety is our vision. To achieve this, we engage interprofessional and multidisciplinary teams to apply simulation methodologies in quality improvement and assurance initiatives. Outcomes include improvement in team function, workflow, and systems in our healthcare environment, resulting in the optimization of infant care.
  • Clinical Education underlies initiatives that increase patient safety and clinician competency in patient care. Curricula are diverse and use different forms of simulation, tailored to the different learning needs, levels of expertise and learning styles of our healthcare professionals.
  • Research Innovation propels our understanding of how to optimize patient care and healthcare education. Results include the development of assessment tools, testing of new technology or patient care protocols to advance healthcare, and improvement in neonatal outcomes.