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Student Research Topics

2023 Student Research Topics and Mentors2023 SCRC Summer Program Class

2022 Student Research Topics and Mentors

2021 Student Research Topics and MentorsSCRC 2021 Students

2020 Student Research Topics and Mentors

Due to the COVID pandemic, the 2020 Summer Program was hosted virtually. The eight-week offering was comprised of a series of research lectures by URMC faculty and pediatric-themed journal clubs led by SCRC Summer Program students and their faculty mentors.

2019 Student Research Topics and Mentors2019 SCRC Summer Program students

2018 Student Research Topics and MentorsSCRC 2018 Students

2017 Student Research Topics and Mentors2017 SCRC Summer Program Group Photo

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2015 Student Research Topics and Mentors2015 Summer Program Photo

2014 Student Research Topics and Mentors

2014 Summer Program Photo

2013 Student Research Topics and MentorsResearch 2013 Summer Students

2012 Student Research Topics and Mentors

2011 Student Research Topics and Mentors

  • 2011 Summer StudentsSravya Brahmandam, NEOUCOM. "Role of ER Chaperone and Signaling Regulator GRP78/BiP in Endothelial Cell Inflammation." Mentor: Fabeha Fazal, PhD.
  • Usa Cain, Boston University Medical School. "Mealtime Behavior and Nutrition in Children with Autism: How Does Behavior Affect Nutrient Intake and Body Mass Index?" Mentor: Susan Hyman, MD Haggerty-Friedman Summer Scholar
  • Margaret Connolly, Boston College. "TM for TMs: Reliability of Telemedicine Images for Middle-Ear Problem Diagnosis." Mentor: Kenneth McConnochie, MD, PhD.
  • Ysabella Esteban, Seton Hall University. "Neonatal Hyperoxia Has Long Term Disruptive Effects in Mouse Neurodevelopment." Mentor: Michael O'Reilly, PhD.
  • Leah Gacioch, University of Michigan. "Follow-Up Chart Review from Obesity Learning Collaborative." Mentor: Stephen Cook, MD.
  • Meredith Goodloe, University of Maryland School of Medicine. "The Role of Kupffer Cells in Acute Liver Injury Induced by Exogenous Airway TNF-a." Mentor: Gloria Pryhuber, MD.
  • Cara Hall, Pomona College. "Basal Ganglia Role in the Preparation or Execution of Cue-Dependent Movement Strategies." Mentor: Jonathan Mink, MD, PhD.
  • Bryce Kanter, Gonzaga University. "Regulation of Endothelial Cell Inflammation by Transglutaminase 2." Mentor: Arshad Rahman, PhD.
  • Viki Katsetos, St. John Fisher College. "Adolescent and Parent Media Preferences for Immunization Reminders." Mentor: Cynthia Rand, MD, MPH.
  • Benjamin Mazer, University of Rochester. "Breath of Hope: A Community Wide Care Coordination Program for Asthma." Mentors: Christine Burns, EdM, MBA and Janice Schriefer, MBA, PhD.
  • Aditi Mulgund, NEOUCOM. "The Master Regulator HIF-1a Undergoes Physiologically-Regulated Cleavage." Mentor: Marc Halterman, MD, PhD.
  • Abimbola Olutimehin, University of Pittsburgh. " A Descriptive Analysis of Access to Dental Care and Dental Health of Non-Diabetic Children." Mentor: Leesha Hoilette, MD, MS.
  • Veronica Petrash, Grand Valley State University. "PLUNC Expression in Bronchiopulmonary Dysplasia and in Lung Epithelial Cells." Mentor: Thomas Mariani, PhD.
  • Jennifer PIer, SUNY Buffalo Medical School. "Secondhand Tobacco Smoke Exposure and Serum Cytokine Levels in Healthy Children." Mentor: Karen Wilson, MD, MPH.
  • Courtney Soley, Indiana University Medical School. "Changes in Mitochondrial Structure and Function During Embryonic Cardiac Development." Mentor: George Porter, Jr., MD, PhD.
  • Kelcie Sprentall, SUNY Upstate Medical University. "Scoring Respiratory Events During Sleep-What To Do When Nasal Airflow Data is Absent?" Mentor: Heidi Connolly, MD.
  • Shufan Sun, University of Rochester. "Candida Albicans Evade Host Immune Response by Degrading Superoxide but not Nitric Oxide." Mentor: Melanie Wellington, MD, PhD.
  • Toby Terwilliger, SUNY Geneseo. "Expression of an Optimized Cross-Species Antigen of Pneumocystis for Evaluation as a Potential Vaccine." Mentors: Francis Gigliotti, Md, and Terry Wright, PhD.

2010 Student Research Topics and Mentors

Students in the 2010 Summer Training Program

  • William Alexander, "Essential Role of Phospholipase C Epsilon in Regulating Thrombin-Induced NF-kB Activation and Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 Expression in Endothelial Cells." Maryville College. Mentor: Arshad Rahman, PhD.
  • Geetha Bhagavatula, "The Effect of Age, Gender and Ferritin Levels on Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms in Children." St. Bonaventure University. Mentor: Heidi Connolly, MD.
  • Ryan Busha, "Evaluation of a Childhood Obesity Prevention Program: Greater Rochester Healthy Child Care 2010, 12 Month Follow-up." Duquesne University. Mentors: Stephen Cook, MD, MPH and Marjorie Allan
  • Allison Canfield, "Communication Emotion: The Impact of Gesture and Facial Expressions." University of Rochester. Mentor: Laura Silverman, PhD.
  • Peiwen Chen, "Role of Traf1 in Silica-Induced Apoptosis in Mouse Lung." SUNY Buffalo. Mentor: Gloria S. Pryhuber, MD.
  • Si Xiao Chen, "PROPHENO Pilot Seizure Cession, Compliance Assessment." Clarkson University. Mentors: Ronnie Guillet, MD, PhD, and Jennifer Kwon, MD.
  • Jennifer Cirino, "Prevalence of Psychotropic Medication for Hypertension." SUNY Buffalo Medical School. Mentor: Marc Lande, MD. Haggerty-Freidman Summer Scholar.
  • Robert Cooper, "Activation of mTOR During Host Cell Infection with Spotted Fever and Typhus Rickettsia." SUNY Geneseo. Mentor: Sanjeev Sahni, PhD.
  • Thomas Dieringer, "Investigation of Folding and Trafficking of Hensin in an Intercalated Epithelial Cell Line." University of Rochester. Mentor: George Schwartz, M.D. and Soundarapandian Vijayakumar, PhD.
  • Harsh Desai, "Clinical Outcomes in Infants with Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator Related Metabolic Syndrome." Salisbury University. Mentor: Clement Ren, M.D.
  • Jason Fishel, "Engaging Community-Based Research and Advocacy." Carnegie Mellon University. Mentors: Stephen Cook, MD, MPH and Kathy Lewis.
  • Jacquelyn Gonka, "Quality of Care in Two Medical Homes for Foster Care." SUNY Buffalo. Mentor: Sandra Jee, MD, MPH. Haggerty-Friedman Summer Scholar.
  • Charles Hannum, "Food Dyes, Behavior and Autism: Does What Children Eat Color Behavior?" SUNY Upstate Medical School, Syracuse. Mentor: Susan Hyman, MD.
  • Nicole Hook, "Characterization of the Expression of Acid-Base Transporters in an Immortalized Intercalated Cell Line." Rochester Institute of Technology. Mentor: Soundarapandian Vijaykumar, PhD.
  • Michael Maher, "Development of an Acid Secreting Phenotype in an Intercalated Cell Line." Carthage College. Mentors: Jeffrey Purkerson, PhD and George Schwartz, MD
  • Aditi Mulgund, "Developmental Abnormalities in the Rat Model of Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease." NEOUCOM. Mentor: Soundarapandian Vijaykumar, PhD.
  • Jennifer Pier, "The Effect of Environmental Tabacco Smoke Exposure on Severity of Influenza in Pediatric Inpatient Population." Nazareth College. Mentor: Karen Wilson, MD, MPH.
  • Lisa Ratanaprasatporn, "The Role of PKC in Strain Induced Signaling in Pulmonary Epithelial Cells." Alpert Medical School Brown University. Mentor: Patricia Chess, MD.
  • Courtney Soley, "Mitochondrial Structure and Function During Cardiac Myocyte Differentiation." Valparaiso University. Mentor: George Porter, Jr., MD, PhD.
  • Melanie Wooten, "The Effects of Family Structure on an Adolescents's Perception of Food and Physical Activity." Georgia College and State University. Mentor: Leesha Hoilette, MD.