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Shirley W. Eberly, M.S.


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Associate (Part-Time) - Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology (SMD)



MS | Stanford University. Statistics. 1961

BS | Stanford University. Statistics. 1960


Shirley Eberly, MS, Associate in the Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, is primarily involved with study design, protocol development, and statistical analysis of clinical research data. This has included large scal...
Shirley Eberly, MS, Associate in the Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, is primarily involved with study design, protocol development, and statistical analysis of clinical research data. This has included large scale clinical trials for the treatment of Parkinson's disease and Huntington's disease. Other studies in which she has participated extensively include examinations of genetic factors affecting the recurrence of coronary events after myocardial infarction; possible interventions to reduce environmental lead exposures in young children; causes of suicide in older adults, and the effect of pacifier use on breastfeeding duration and complications.


Journal Articles

Clinical-Genetic Associations in the Prospective Huntington at Risk Observational Study (PHAROS), Implications for Clinical Trials

Huntington Study Group PHAROS Investigators.

Journal of the American Medical Association - Neurology. 2016; 73(1): 102-110.

Risk Factors for Suicidal Ideation in People at Risk for Huntington's Disease.

Anderson, K.E.; Eberly, S.; Groves, M.; Kayson, E.; Marder, K.; Young, A.B.; Shoulson, I.; PHAROS Investigators.

Journal of Huntington's Disease. 2016; 5(4): 389-394.

Specifically Neuropathic Gaucher's Mutations Accelerate Cognitive Decline in Parkinson's.

Liu, G.; Boot, B.; Locascio, J.J.; Jansen, I.E.; Winder-Rhodes, S.; Eberly, S.; Elbaz, A.; Brice, A.; Ravina, B.; van Hilten, J.J.; Cormier-Dequaire, F.; Corvol, J.C.; Barker, R.A.; Heutink, P.; Marinus, J.; Williams-Gray, C.H.; Scherzer, C.R.; International Genetics of Parkinson Disease Progression (IGPP) Consortium.

Annals of Neurology. 2016; 80(5): 674-685.

Cognition in Individuals at Risk for Parkinson's: Parkinson Associated Risk Syndrome (PARS) Study Findings

Chahine, L.M.; Weintraub, D.; Hawkins, K.A.; Siderowf, A.; Eberly, S.; Oakes, D. Seibyl, J.; Stern, M.B.; Marek, K.; Jennings, D.; PARS Investigators.

Movement Disorders. 2016; 31(1): 86-94.

Early Clinical Predictors of Treatment-Resistant and Functional Outcomes in Parkinson's Disease

Roger Kurlan MD,Kurlan, R.; Ravina, B.; Eberly, S.; Lang, A.E.; Tanner, C.M.; Marek, K.; Marder, K.; Beck, J.; Elliott, R.; Oakes, D.; Shoulson, I.; PSG PostCEPT (LABS-PD) Investigators.

Movement Disorders Clinical Practice. 2016; 3(1): 53-58.

Effect of Deutetrabenazine on Chorea Among Patients with Huntington Disease.

Huntington Study Group.

Journal of the American Medical Association. 2016; 316(1): 40-50.

Factors related to genetic testing in adults at risk for Huntington disease: the prospective Huntington at-risk observational study (PHAROS)

Quaid, K.A.; Eberly, S.W.; Kayson-Rubin, E.; Oakes, D.; Shoulson, I.; Huntington Study Group PHAROS Investigators and Coordinators.

Clinical Genetics. 2016; [Epub ahead of print]([Epub ahead of print]): [Epub ahead of print].

Genome-wide variant by serum urate interaction in Parkinson's disease

Nazeri, Arash; Roostaei, Tina; Sadaghiani, Shokufeh; Chakravarty, M. Mallar; Eberly, Shirley; et al.

Annals of Neurology. 2015; 78(5): 731-741.

Diagnosis of Parkinson's disease on the basis of clinical and genetic classification: a population-based modelling study

Nalls, Mike A.; McLean, Cory Y.; Rick, Jacqueline; Eberly, Shirley; et al.

Lancet Neurology. 2015; 14(10): 1002-1009.

Association between alpha-synuclein blood transcripts and early, neuroimaging-supported Parkinson's disease

Locascio, Joseph J.; Eberly, Shirley; Liao, Zhixiang; et al.

Brain. 2015; 138: 2659-2671.

Improving Clinical Practice Guidelines for Practicing Cardiologists

Benhorin, Jesaia; Bodenheimer, Monty; Brown, Mary; et al.

American Journal of Cardiology. 2015; 115(12): 1773-1776.

Informativeness of Early Huntington Disease Signs about Gene Status

Oster, Emily; Eberly, Shirley W.; Dorsey, E. Ray; et al.

Journal of Huntington's Disease. 2015; 4(3): 271-277.

Plasma near-infrared spectroscopy for diagnosis of idiopathic Parkinson's disease: the SPIN-PD study

Ravina, Bernard; Eberly, Shirley; Oakes, David; et al.

Biomarkers in Medicine. 2015; 9(2): 89-97.

Mendelian randomization of serum urate and parkinson disease progression.

Simon KC, Eberly S, Gao X, Oakes D, Tanner CM, Shoulson I, Fahn S, Schwarzschild MA, Ascherio A,

Annals of neurology.. 2014 December 76 (6):862-8. Epub 10/03/2014.

Imaging prodromal Parkinson disease: the Parkinson Associated Risk Syndrome Study.

Jennings D, Siderowf A, Stern M, Seibyl J, Eberly S, Oakes D, Marek K,

Neurology.. 2014 November 483 (19):1739-46. Epub 10/08/2014.

Longitudinal follow-up of SWEDD subjects in the PRECEPT Study.

Marek K, Seibyl J, Eberly S, Oakes D, Shoulson I, Lang AE, Hyson C, Jennings D,

Neurology.. 2014 May 2082 (20):1791-7. Epub 04/23/2014.

Impact of disclosure of individual imaging results in a multi-center Parkinson clinical trial.

Jennings D, Eberly S, Oakes D, Seibyl J, Marek K, Shoulson I

Journal of Parkinson's disease.. 2014 4 (4):629-38. Epub 1900 01 01.

Movement disorder society unified Parkinson disease rating scale experiences in daily living: longitudinal changes and correlation with other assessments.

Lang AE, Eberly S, Goetz CG, Stebbins G, Oakes D, Marek K, Ravina B, Tanner CM, Shoulson I,

Movement disorders : official journal of the Movement Disorder Society.. 2013 December 28 (14):1980-6. Epub 10/09/2013.

Relationship of Mediterranean diet and caloric intake to phenoconversion in Huntington disease.

Marder K, Gu Y, Eberly S, Tanner CM, Scarmeas N, Oakes D, Shoulson I,

JAMA neurology.. 2013 November 70 (11):1382-8. Epub 1900 01 01.

HTRF analysis of soluble huntingtin in PHAROS PBMCs.

Moscovitch-Lopatin M, Goodman RE, Eberly S, Ritch JJ, Rosas HD, Matson S, Matson W, Oakes D, Young AB, Shoulson I, Hersch SM,

Neurology.. 2013 September 2481 (13):1134-40. Epub 08/21/2013.

Characterization of the Huntington intermediate CAG repeat expansion phenotype in PHAROS.

Killoran A, Biglan KM, Jankovic J, Eberly S, Kayson E, Oakes D, Young AB, Shoulson I

Neurology.. 2013 May 2880 (22):2022-7. Epub 04/26/2013.

Caffeine Consumption and Risk of Dyskinesia in CALM-PD

Wills, A-M; Eberly, S; Tennis, M; Lang, A; Messing, S; Togasaki, D; Tanner, C; Kamp, C; Chen, J-F; Oakes, D; McDermott, M; Schwarzschild, M.

Movement Disorders. 2013; 28(3): 380-383.

Impaired olfaction and other prodromal features in the Parkinson At-Risk Syndrome Study.

Siderowf A, Jennings D, Eberly S, Oakes D, Hawkins KA, Ascherio A, Stern MB, Marek K,

Movement disorders : official journal of the Movement Disorder Society.. 2012 March 27 (3):406-12. Epub 01/11/2012.

Serum Cholesterol and the Progression of Parkinson's Disease: Results from DATATOP

Huang, X.; Auinger, P.; Eberly, S.; Oakes, D.; Schwarzschild, M.; Ascherio, A.; Mailman, R.; Chen, H.; for the Parkinson Study Group DATATOP Investigators.

PLoS ONE. 2011; 6(8): e22854.

Increasing Inner-City Adult Influenza Vaccination Rates: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Humiston, S.G.; Bennett, N.M.; Long, C.; Eberly, S.; Arvelo, L.; Stankaitis, J.; Szilagyi, P.G.

Public Health Reports. 2011; 126(Supplement 2): 39-47.

Serum Urate and Probability of Dopaminergic Deficit in Early "Parkinson's Disease"

Schwarzschild, M.A.; Marek, K.; Eberly, S.; Oakes, D.; Shoulson, I.; Jennings, D.; Seibyl, J.; Ascherio, A.

Movement Disorders. 2011; 26(10): 1864-1868.

Use of tetrabenazine in individuals on antidepressants or with advanced Huntington's disease: Results from the TETRA-HD study

Dorsey, E.R.; Biglan, K.; Eberly, S.; Auinger, P.; Brocht, A.; Umeh, C.C.; Oakes, D.; Clarence-Smith, K.; Marshall, F.J.; Shoulson, I.

PLoS Currents. 2011; 3: RRN1283.

Intervention to Strengthen Emotional Self-Regulation in Children with Emerging Mental Health Problems: Proximal Impact on School Behavior

Wyman, P.A.; Cross, W.; Hendricks Brown, C.; Yu, Q.; Tu, X.; Eberly, S.

Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 2010; 38(5): 707-720.

Concept of assessing nanoparticle hazards considering nanoparticle dosemetric and chemical/biological response metrics.

Rushton, E.K.; Jiang, J.; Leonard, S.S.; Eberly, S.; Castranova, V.; Biswas, P.; Elder, A.; Han, X.; Gelein, R.; Finkelstein, J.; Oberdörster, G.

Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. 2010; 75(5): 445-461.

Dietary Intake in Adults at Risk for Huntington Disease: Analysis of PHAROS Research Participants.

Marder, K.; Zhao, H., Eberly, S.; Tanner, C.M.; Oakes, D.; Shoulson, I., on behalf of the Huntington Study Group.

Neurology. 2009; 73(5): 385-392.

A Longitudinal Program for Biomarker Development in Parkinson's Disease: A Feasibility Study

Ravina, B.; Tanner, C.; DiEulis, D.; Eberly, S.; Flagg, E.; Galpern, W.; Fahn, S.; Goetz, C.; Grate, S.; Kurlan, R.; Lang, A.E.; Marek, K.; Kieburtz, K.; Oakes, D.; Elliott, R.; Shoulson, I.;and the Parkinson Study Group LABS-PD Investigators.

Movement Disorders. 2009; 24(4): 2081-2090.

Urate as a predictor of the rate of clinical decline in Parkinson disease.

Ascherio, A.; LeWitt, P.A.; Xu, K.; Eberly, S.; Watts, A.; Matson, W.R.; Marras, C.; Kieburtz, K.; Rudolph, A.; Bogdanov, M.B.; Schwid, S.R.; Tennis, M.; Tanner, C.M.; Beal, M.F.; Lang, A.E.; Oakes, D.; Fahn, S.; Shoulson, I.; Schwarzschild, M.A.

Archives of Neurology. 2009; 66(12): 1460-1468.

A Comparison of Treatment Thresholds in Two Large Parkinson's Disease Clinical Trial Cohorts.

Marras, C.; Lang, A.E.; Eberly, S.W.; Oakes, D.; Fahn, S.; Schwid, S.R.; Hyson, C.; Shoulson, I.

Movement Disorders. 2009; 24(16): 2370-2378.

A Study of Chorea after Tetrabenazine Withdrawal in Patients with Huntington Disease

Frank, S.; Ondo, W.; Fahn, S.; Hunter, C.; Oakes, D.; Plumb, S.; Marshall, F.; Shoulson, I.; Eberly, S.; Walker, F.; Factor, S.; Hunt, V.; Shinaman, A.; Jankovic, J.

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 2008; 31(3): 127-133.

Cumulative Burden of Atherosclerotic Genotypes and the Age of Onset of a First Myocardial Infarction: A Case-Only Carriership Approach.

Goldenberg. I.; Moss, A.J.; Ryan, D.; Pietrasik, G.; Zareba, W.; McNitt, S.; Eberly, S.

Annals of Noninvasive Electrocardiology. 2008; 13(3): 287 - 294.

Association of family stress with natural killer cell activity and the frequency of illnesses in children.

Wyman PA, Moynihan J, Eberly S, Cox C, Cross W, Jin X, Caserta MT

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Effects of on-road highway aerosol exposures on autonomic responses in aged, spontaneously hypertensive rats.

Elder A, Couderc JP, Gelein R, Eberly S, Cox C, Xia X, Zareba W, Hopke P, Watts W, Kittelson D, Frampton M, Utell M, Oberdörster G

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Polymorphism in the Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein Gene and the Risk of Early Onset Myocardial Infarction among Cigarette Smokers

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Polymorphisms in the Paraoxonase and Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Genes and the Risk of Early-Onset Myocardial Infarction

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Safety of rasagiline in elderly patients with Parkinson disease.

Goetz CG, Schwid SR, Eberly SW, Oakes D, Shoulson I,

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Rasagiline improves quality of life in patients with early Parkinson's disease.

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Cerebrovascular risk factors, executive dysfunction, and depression in older primary care patients.

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Polymorphism in the Angiotensinogen Gene, Hypertension, and Ethnic Differences in the Risk of Recurrent Coronary Events

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Rasagiline-associated motor improvement in PD occurs without worsening of cognitive and behavioral symptoms (PDF)

Elmer, L.; Schwid, S.; Eberly, S.; Goetz, C.; Fahn, S.; Kieburtz, K.; Oakes, D.; Blindauer, K.; Salzman, P.; Oren, S.; Prisco, U.L.; Stern, M.; Shoulson, I.

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Parental Responses to Infant Crying and Colic: The Effect on Breastfeeding Duration (PDF)

Howard, C.R.; Lanphear, N.; Lanphear, B.P.; Eberly, S.; Lawrence, R.A.

Breastfeeding Medicine. 2006; 1(3): 146-155.

Depression, perceived family criticism, and functional status among older, primary-care patients.

Seaburn DB, Lyness JM, Eberly S, King DA

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Atherosclerotic risk genotypes and recurrent coronary events after myocardial infarction.

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Percutaneous angioplasty and stenting of the superficial femoral artery.

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Poor social integration and suicide: fact or artifact? A case-control study.

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(123I) beta-CIT and single-photon emission computed tomographic imaging vs clinical evaluation in Parkinsonian syndrome: unmasking an early diagnosis.

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Suicide at 50 years of age and older: perceived physical illness, family discord and financial strain.

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Follow-up to Farm Family Health and Hazard Survey

Beckett, W.; Hallman, E.; May, J.; Hwang, S-A.; Gomez, M.; Eberly, S.; Cox, C.

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Aggression in suicide among adults age 50 and over.

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Randomized Clinical Trial of Pacifier Use and Bottle-Feeding, or Cupfeeding and Their Effect on Breastfeeding.

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Access to Firearms and Risk for Suicide in Middle-Aged and Older Adults

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Design and analysis of two-period studies of potentially disease-modifying treatments

McDermott, M.P.; Hall, W.J.; Oakes, D.; Eberly, S.

Controlled Clinical Trials. 2002; 23(6): 635-649.

Prevalence and Penetrance of HFE Mutations in 4865 Unselected Primary Care Patients (PDF)

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Environmental lead exposure during early childhood

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[123I]?-CIT SPECT imaging assessment of the rate of Parkinson's disease progression

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Ear Temperature Measurements in Healthy Children Using the Arterial Heat Balance Method (PDF)

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Long-Term Effect of Dust Control on Blood Lead Concentrations

Lanphear, B.P.; Eberly, S.; Howard, C.R.

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Hearing Conservation for Farmers: Source Apportionment of Occupational and Environmental Factors Contributing to Hearing Loss.

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