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Daryl I. Smith, M.D.
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About Me

Certified Specialties

Anesthesiology - American Board of Anesthesiology

Faculty Appointments

Professor - Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine (SMD)


Residency & Fellowship

Fellowship, University of Chicago Hospitals. 1988 - 1989

Residency, Surgery (General Surgery), University of Chicago Hospitals. 1986 - 1988

Internship, Anesthesiology, University of Chicago Hospitals. 1984 - 1986


MD | Brown University. 1984


First Runner-Up - Protein Kinase C and Neuropathic Pain: A Systematic Review of the Literature. 2018

Award of Merit- Best Poster Submission. 2016

2nd Place Resident Poster Presentation, Educational Innovation in Difficult Airway Management: Multidisciplinary Difficult Air. 2016

Chief of Anesthesiology Commendation, Outstanding Medical Student Teaching. 1986

Chief of Surgery Commendation, Outstanding Medical Student Teaching. 1984 - 1985

Dean's Award, Outstanding Medical Student Research. 1983 - 1984


Journal Articles

Non-inferiority Trial of a Pedal Controlled Injection Device: A Step towards Enhancing Patient Safety and Operator Independence during Neural Blockade

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Smith, Daryl I; Aziz, Syed R.; Umeozulu, Stacey N.; Tran, Hai Thanh.

Pressure-Induced Neuropathy and Resultant Pain: Is a

Antihyperalgesia effect of AMP-activated Protein kinase (AMPK) Activators in a Mouse Model of Postoperative Pain

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The Evolution of Iliac Bone Graft Donor Site Analgesia in Cleft Patients: Transversus Abdominis Plane Block Is Safe and Efficacious

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Hemodynamic Considerations in the Pathophysiology of Diabetic Neuropathy

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A Response to Dr. Stone and Colleagues: Should Hospitals Market Opioid-sparing Analgesia to Patients?

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A Systematic Review of the Anesthetic Approaches to Metabolic Disorders Associated with Myopathies

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Use Proper Indicators of Change in Neuropsychological Studies

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Delay in Diagnosis of Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency, the Masking Effect of Headache and Coexisting Pain Syndromes: A Case Report

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Anesthetic consideration for patients with nemaline rod myopathy: a literature review

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Hemodynamic instability and Horner's Syndrome following a labor lumbar neuraxial block: A warning sign of a potentially lethal event?

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Epidural Catheter Migration in a Patient with Severe Spinal Stenosis.

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Intravenous Acetaminophen Administration in Patients Undergoing Craniotomy – A Retrospective Institutional Study

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Trial ultrasound-guided continuous left stellate ganglion blockade before surgical gangliolysis in a patient with a left ventricular assist device and intractable ventricular tachycardia: A pain control application to a complex hemodynamic condition

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Transversus Abdominis Plane Block and Treatment of Viscerosomatic Abdominal Pain

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Treatment of acute flares of chronic pancreatitis pain with ultrasound guided transversus abdominis plane block: A novel application of a pain management technique in the acute care setting

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Pathogenesis of Neuropathic Pain: Diagnosis and Treatment (2022)

Authors: Smith, DI; Tran, Hai

Publisher: Springer 2022

Blood Pressure - from Bench to Bed (2018)

Chapter: Hemodynamic Considerations in the Pathophysiology of Peripheral Neuropathy

Authors: Smith, D.I., Tran, N-H., Poku, J.

Publisher: InterchOpen 2018

Advanced Heart Failure and How it Impacts the Electrophysiologist (2016)

Chapter: Use of Sympathetic Ganglion Blockade to treat Electrical Storm in the Heart Failure Patient ISBN: 978-953-51-5048-

Authors: Smith, D.I., and Duah, A.O.

Publisher: ? 2016