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Jeremiah E. Moore

Jeremiah E. Moore





Doctor of Pharmacy | St. John Fisher University Wegmans School of Pharmacy. Pharmacy. 2010

Bachelor of Science | State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry. 2003


Robert Joynt Kindness Award. 2023

HOPA Practice Management Travel Grant Recipient. 2021

University of Rochester Medical Center Outstanding Team. 2018

HOPA Hill Day Travel Grant Recipient. 2018

Preceptor of the Year Nominee. 2015

University of Rochester Team Excellence Award. 2014


Journal Articles

Rituximab induced cytokine release with high serum IP-10 (CXCL10) concentrations is associated with infusion reactions.

Moore JE, Bloom PC, Chu CC, Bruno JE, Herne CA, Baran AM, Quataert SA, Mosmann TR, Taylor RP, Wallace DS, Elliott MR, Barr PM, Zent CS

Leukemia research.. 2023 March 29129 :107072. Epub 03/29/2023.

Arrhythmogenic Cardiotoxicity Associated With Contemporary Treatments of Lymphoproliferative Disorders.

Sherazi S, Schleede S, McNitt S, Casulo C, Moore JE, Storozynsky E, Patel A, Vidula N, Aktas MK, Zent CS, Goldenberg I

Journal of the American Heart Association.. 2023 March 9 :e025786. Epub 03/09/2023.

Bleeding and venous thromboembolism events in cancer patients taking direct oral anticoagulants vs. low molecular weight heparin

Frank A. Lattuca; Jeremiah Moore; Carissa Treptow; Kendra Delibert; Andrea Baran; Frank Akwaa.

Thrombosis Update. 2023; 10.

Publication Link

Risk of New-Onset Atrial Fibrillation Associated With Targeted

Targeted therapy for treatment of patients with classical hairy cell leukemia.

Moore JE, Delibert K, Baran AM, Evans AG, Liesveld JL, Zent CS

Leukemia research.. 2021 February 4102 :106522. Epub 02/04/2021.

Initial treatment of B-cell prolymphocytic leukemia with ibrutinib.

Moore J, Baran AM, Meacham PJ, Evans AG, Barr PM, Zent CS

American journal of hematology.. 2020 January 17 Epub 01/17/2020.

Significant weight gain in CLL patients treated with Ibrutinib: A potentially deleterious consequence of therapy.

Williams AM, Baran AM, Schaffer M, Bushart J, Rich L, Moore J, Barr PM, Zent CS

American journal of hematology.. 2019 October 17 Epub 10/17/2019.

Ibrutinib Dose Adherence and Therapeutic Efficacy in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Single-Center Experience.

Williams AM, Baran AM, Casulo C, Reagan P, Friedberg JW, Helber M, Moore J, Baloga E, Zent CS, Barr PM

Clinical lymphoma, myeloma & leukemia.. 2019 January 19 (1):41-47. Epub 10/13/2018.

Ibrutinib therapy for lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma.

Helber MJ, Moore JE, Williams AM, Meacham PJ, Rothberg PG, Zent CS

American journal of hematology.. 2017 September 92 (9):E542-E544. Epub 06/09/2017.