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Nicholas Cohen, Ph.D.


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Journal Articles

Robert J, Cohen N. "The genus Xenopus as a multispecies model for evolutionary and comparative immunobiology of the 21st century." Developmental and comparative immunology.. 2011 Sep 0; 35(9):916-23. Epub 2011 Jan 28.

Kinney KS, Cohen N. "Neural-immune system interactions in Xenopus." Frontiers in bioscience (Landmark edition).. 2009 Jan 1; 14:112-29. Epub 2009 Jan 01.

Cohen N. "Norman Cousins Lecture. The uses and abuses of psychoneuroimmunology: a global overview." Brain, behavior, and immunity.. 2006 Mar 0; 20(2):99-112. Epub 2005 Nov 22.

Robert J, Morales H, Buck W, Cohen N, Marr S, Gantress J. "Adaptive immunity and histopathology in frog virus 3-infected Xenopus." Virology.. 2005 Feb 20; 332(2):667-75.

Robert J, Gantress J, Cohen N, Maniero GD. "Xenopus as an experimental model for studying evolution of hsp--immune system interactions." Methods : a companion to Methods in enzymology.. 2004 Jan 0; 32(1):42-53.