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Deborah J. Ossip, Ph.D.

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Office: (585) 275-0528

Fax: (585) 424-1469

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Research: Translational behavioral medicine, health impact of lifestyle change with particular focus on tobacco use, second- and thirdhand exposure to cigarette smoke and e-cigarette aerosol, community-partnered interventions, population health, underrepresented populations, and global health.

Dr. Ossip Co-Directs the Nicotine and Tobacco Research Core, which focuses on community-based interventions and underserved populations. Her tobacco control research has spanned basic, clinical, and policy domains, with concurrent foci on translating science to practice and policy, health disparities, and global health. Her basic research includes early studies demonstrating no reduced exposure for "low tar low nicotine" cigarettes through current collaboration with investigators in biology and cancer control (Rahman, Sundar, O'Connor) examining use patterns, sensory perceptions, and toxicology of emerging products. Her clinical and policy research includes a systematic series of NIH-funded quitline studies, from one of the original two trials demonstrating quitline effectiveness, through co-founding of the North American Quitline Consortium, and recent work introducing a "reach ratio" metric for responsiveness to underserved populations (Campbell). Globally, she was PI of two recent NIH community-partnered trials for tobacco cessation and secondhand smoke exposure reduction in economically disadvantaged Dominican Republic communities (Diaz, Quiñones) and MPI (Dye) of an NIH training grant, MundoComm, partnering with Latin American and Caribbean teams to address maternal health issues using information communication technologies. She currently Co-Directs a NYS-funded tobacco policy change initiative in health systems serving low income and psychiatric populations (McIntosh) and is a Site Director and Career Enhancement Core Co-Director for the Center for Research on Flavored Tobacco (CRoFT), an NIH-funded Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science (TCORS) as a partnership between Roswell Park Cancer Center (O'Connor, Goniewicz) and the University of Rochester Medical Center. She is Co-Investigator on trials of vaping prevention in youth (Wyman) and pediatrician interventions for tobacco cessation in parents (Winickoff). More broadly, Dr. Ossip is MPI of the NIH NCATS funded Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration (CLIC; Zand) to coordinate over 60 Clinical and Translational Science Award centers nationally.



BA | University of Miami
Psychology & Sociology

MS | Univ of Pittsburgh
Clinical Psychology

PhD | Univ of Pittsburgh
Clinical Psychology


Emeritus Award for Excellence in Research (to Ian Kleckner, PhD, MPH)
Sponsor: Department of Public Health Sciences
Location: Awarded to my student/advisee for mentored MPH thesis research

2017 - Present
SRNT Fellow
Sponsor: Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco

Crystal Gavel Award for Leadership as President
Sponsor: Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco

Berg Award for Student Distinction in Population Health Improvement (Marielena Velez de Brown, MD, MPH)
Sponsor: Department of Public Health Sciences
Location: Awarded to my student for mentored research/implementation

Emeritus Award for Excellence in Research (to Sean Frey, MD)
Sponsor: Department of Public Health Sciences
Location: Awarded to my student for mentored MPH thesis research

First Annual Rochester Global Health Symposium Poster Presentation Award (to Philip Meacham)
Sponsor: University of Rochester Global Health Network
Location: Awarded to my graduate student for mentored research

Marvin J. Hoffman International Medicine Research Award (to Michael Prucha)
Sponsor: Awarded to my medical student protege for mentored research

2012 - 2013
Faculty Research Incentive Award
Sponsor: University of Rochester Medical Center

Recognition of Distinguished Service as a Founding Member 2001-2012
Sponsor: American Academy of Pediatrics Tobacco Consortium

Distinguished Service Award
Sponsor: Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco

Plaque of Appreciation for Contributions to Preferred Care Efforts in Smoking Cessation

Certificate of Honor for Distinguished Leadership in Tobacco Cessation
Sponsor: North American Quitline Consortium

Certificate of Appreciation Demonstrating Intern'l Leadership as Co-Chair of the North American Conf Smoking Cessation Quitlines
Sponsor: National Cancer Institute

Faculty in Residence Program awarded to Celia Watt, PhD, SUNY Brockport, for mentored summer work with D. Ossip-Klein
Sponsor: (resulted in NCI R03 grant, Watt, PI)

Certificate of Appreciation for Contributions to Research and Development Work Group
Location: Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center at Canandaigua

Certificate for Outstanding Performance
Sponsor: Department of Veterans Affairs
Location: Medical Center at Canandaigua

Award for Paper Presentation
Sponsor: Society of Behavioral Medicine Annual Scientific Sessions

Smoking Cessation Achievement Award
Sponsor: Lakeside Pharmaceuticals

Key Smoking Cessation Staff Award
Sponsor: American Lung Association, Finger Lakes Region, Inc.

Award for FREEDOM LINE Smoker's Quitline project
Sponsor: US Department of Health and Human Services

Governor's Award for the FREEDOM LINE smokers' hotline project

Award for paper presentation, 18th Annual Convention of the Assoc for Advancement of Behavior Therapy

Certificate of Appreciation for Service Toward Improving Community Health
Sponsor: American Lung Association - Finger Lakes Region, Inc.

1981 - 1983
Lilly Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship
Sponsor: University of Rochester
Location: Rochester, NY

Dolson Award for most outstanding student in Clinical Psychology
Location: University of Pittsburgh

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Journal Articles

Augustine EF, Steele SJ, McIntosh S, Sugarwala L, White RJ, Yousefi-Nooraie R, Zand MS, Ossip DJ. "Utilizing the Un-Meeting Model to Advance Innovative Translational and Team Science". Journal of Clinical Translational Science. 2023; .

Roman G, Samar V, Ossip D, McKee M, Barnett S, Yousefi-Nooraie R. "Experiences of Sign Language Interpreters and Perspectives of Interpreting Administrators During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Description." Public health reports.. 2023 May 27; :333549231173941. Epub 2023 May 27.

Shaikh SB, Newton C, Tung WC, Sun Y, Li D, Ossip D, Rahman I. "Classification, Perception, and Toxicity of Emerging Flavored Oral Nicotine Pouches." International journal of environmental research and public health.. 2023 Mar 3; 20(5)Epub 2023 Mar 03.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Screening for Depression
Book Title: Assessing the health status of older adults
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Edited By: E. Andersen; B. Rothenberg; & J.G. Zimmer
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Chapter Title: Cognitive and behavioral therapy in the nursing home
Book Title: Psychiatric care in the nursing home
Author List: Ossip-Klein DJ, Karuza J
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Published By: Oxford University Press 1996 in New York

Chapter Title: Behavioral contracts between alcoholics and family members to improve aftercare participation and maintain sobriety after inpatient alcoholism treatment
Book Title: Treating alcohol problems: Marital and family interventions
Author List: Ossip-Klein DJ, Rychtarik RG
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