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Charles W. Francis, M.D.

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Appointment: (585) 275-5823

Fax: (585) 273-1042

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At Wilmot Cancer Institute, our patients are at the center of all we do. Our goal is to try to optimize treatment, while offering a supportive and healing environment. My patients can be confident knowing I am committed to their best care.

I have always been fascinated by blood disorders and have special interest in hemostasis and thrombosis. As Professor of Medicine and Director of the Program in Hemostasis and Thrombosis, I am actively involved in research initiatives including how blood clots and how this causes diseases such as pulmonary embolism, thrombophlebitis, heart attack and stroke. My clinical research projects relate to why some people are predisposed to getting blood clots and also to development of new blood thinner drugs.

Conditions I Treat

- Sickle cell disease
- Pulmonary embolism
- Deep vein thrombosis
- Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)

Professional Background

Dr. Francis is Professor of Medicine and of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Rochester. He obtained his MD degree at the University of Pittsburgh and was then an Intern and Resident in Medicine at the University of North Carolina. He joined the University of Rochester as a Fellow in Hematology in 1976, and he has remained at that institution where he is Director of the Hemostasis and Thrombosis program. Dr. Francis has been recipient of a Clinical Investigator Award from the NHLBI and an Established Investigator Award from the American Heart Association. He has served on numerous NIH Review and Advisory Committees. He is a past Chairman of the Scientific and Standardization Committee of the ISTH and Program Chair of the XVIIth International Congress on Hemostasis and Thrombosis. He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Thrombosis Research. Dr. Francis has both clinical and laboratory research interests. Laboratory research has focused on the structure of fibrinogen and fibrin and mechanisms of fibrinolysis. Current work relates to the work of fibrinogen and fibrin in modulating the effects of FGF-2 on endothelial cells. Clinical research has been in the areas of venous thrombosis and new anticoagulants.


Dr. Francis does both clinical and basic research in the areas of thrombosis, hemostasis and vascular biology. Fibrinogen and fibrin have been an area of extensive research. He first described the structures of plasmic degradation products of crosslinked fibrin and developed a molecular model of fibrinolysis. He identified an important structural variant of fibrinogen that differs at the carboxyl terminus of the gamma chain. He was one of the first to demonstrate that ultrasound accelerates enzymatic fibrinolysis, identified the mechanisms responsible and defined the ultrasound parameters for effective fibrinolysis augmentation. Studies in recent years have characterized the interaction of FGF-2, EGF and IL-² beta with fibrinogen and fibrin. The binding sites for interaction have been identified, and augmented functional activity of FGF-2 and IL-² beta in the bound form demonstrated. Extensive clinical research helped to define the structures of crosslinked fibrin degradation products in fibrinolytic states. Numerous studies have been conducted to improve prophylaxis of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. These have included clinical trials using warfarin, antithrombin, low-molecular-weight heparin and direct thrombin inhibitors. Recent clinical studies have examined risk factors for arterial thrombosis and the effects of thiazolidinediones on lipid and hemostatic risk factors for thrombosis.



BA | Johns Hopkins University
Biological Science

MD | Univ Pittsburgh Sch Medicine

Post-doctoral Training & Residency

07/01/1976 - 06/30/1979
Fellowship in Hematology at University of Rochester Medical Center

07/01/1974 - 06/30/1976
Residency in Internal Medicine at University of North Carolina Hospitals - Office of Graduate Medical Education

07/01/1973 - 6/30/1974
Internship in Internal Medicine at University of North Carolina Hospitals - Office of Graduate Medical Education

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Phi Beta Kappa

Alpha Omega Alpha

Established Investigator, American Heart Association

Clinical Investigator Award, National Institutes of Health

Inclusion in "The Best Doctors in America", Woodward/White, Inc, Publishers, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2000-2006

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Patent Title: Method of Treating a Patient with a Neurodegenerative Disease Using Ultrasound
Patent #: 7,211,054
Issue Date: May 01, 2007
Country: United States
Invented By: Charles W Francis, Valentina Suchkova

Patent Title: Assay for Soluble Crosslinked Fibrin Polymers
Patent #: 5,206,140
Issue Date: Apr 27, 1993
Country: United States
Invented By: Charles W Francis, Victor J Marder

Patent Title: A Method to Improve Circulation to Ischemic Tissue
Patent #: 2,350,028
Issue Date: Apr 09, 2013
Country: Canada
Invented By: Charles W Francis, Valentina Suchkova

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Journal Articles

Khorana AA, Francis CW. "Risk prediction of cancer-associated thrombosis: Appraising the first decade and developing the future." Thrombosis research.. 2018 Apr 0; 164 Suppl 1:S70-S76. Epub 2018 Jan 31.

Oskarsdóttir AR, Gudmundsdottir BR, Indridason OS, Lund SH, Arnar DO, Bjornsson ES, Magnusson MK, Jensdottir HM, Vidarsson B, Francis CW, Onundarson PT. "Reduced anticoagulation variability in patients on warfarin monitored with Fiix-prothrombin time associates with reduced thromboembolism: The Fiix-trial." Journal of thrombosis and thrombolysis.. 2017 May 0; 43(4):550-561.

Cohen AT, Harrington RA, Goldhaber SZ, Hull RD, Wiens BL, Gold A, Hernandez AF, Gibson CM, . "Extended Thromboprophylaxis with Betrixaban in Acutely Ill Medical Patients." The New England journal of medicine.. 2016 Aug 11; 375(6):534-44. Epub 2016 May 27.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Venous and arterial thrombosis
Book Title: Clinical Hematology
Author List: Francis CW; Kaplan K
Published By: MOSBY Elsevier 2006

Chapter Title: Clinical disorders of fibrinolysis
Book Title: Hemostasis and Thrombosis: Basic Prin. & Clinical Prac.
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