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Nina B. Klionsky, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Alabsi, SY, Klionsky, NB; Phelps, DL. "Unexpected course of left leg percutaneous silastic catheters." Archives of Disease in Childhood. 2006; 91: 311-312.

Alabsi, SY; Klionsky, NB; Phelps, Dl. "A year's experience of saphenous vein catheter malposition: observational study" . Archives of Disease in Childhood. 2005; .

Liptak GS, Gellerstedt ME, Klionsky N. "Isosorbide in the medical management of hydrocephalus in children with myelodysplasia." Developmental medicine and child neurology.. 1992 Feb; 34(2):150-4.

Farley, TJ; Klionsky, NB. "Mixed hemangioma and cystic lymphangioma of teh esophagus in a child" . The Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. 1992; 15(2): 178-180.

Sherer, DM; Shah, YG; Klionsky, NB; Woods, JR Jr. "Prenatal sonographic features and management of a fetus with Roberts-SC Phocomelia syndrome (pseudo-thalidomide syndrome) and pulmonary hypoplasia." American Journal of Perinatology. 1991; 8(4): 2459-262.