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Jacob J. Schlesinger, M.D.

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11 Cavan Way
Pittsford, NY 14534

Office: (585) 275-0526
Fax: (585) 442-9328


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Stable Human Fc Receptor-Transformed Cell Lines to Detect Virus-Neutralizing and Enhancing Antibodies

United States Serial NO.: 11/916,149
Filed Date: May 31, 2006
Title: Method of Determining Immune Enhancement of Virus Infectivity using FC Receptor-Transfected Cell Lines
Invented by: Jacob Schlesinger, Jia Xin, Robert Rose, W.W. Shanaka Rodrigo

Recent Journal Articles

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2012 Apr
Thibodeaux BA, Garbino NC, Liss NM, Piper J, Schlesinger JJ, Blair CD, Roehrig JT. "A humanized IgG but not IgM antibody is effective in prophylaxis and therapy of yellow fever infection in an AG129/17D-204 peripheral challenge mouse model." Antiviral research. 2012 Apr; 94(1):1-8. Epub 2012 Feb 15.
2011 Feb 5
Kou Z, Lim JY, Beltramello M, Quinn M, Chen H, Liu SN, Martnez-Sobrido L, Diamond MS, Schlesinger JJ, de Silva A, Sallusto F, Jin X. "Human antibodies against dengue enhance dengue viral infectivity without suppressing type I interferon secretion in primary human monocytes." Virology. 2011 Feb 5; 410(1):240-7. Epub 2010 Dec 04.
2010 Nov 29
Block OK, Rodrigo WW, Quinn M, Jin X, Rose RC, Schlesinger JJ. "A tetravalent recombinant dengue domain III protein vaccine stimulates neutralizing and enhancing antibodies in mice." Vaccine. 2010 Nov 29; 28(51):8085-94. Epub 2010 Oct 16.
2009 Nov 25
Rodrigo WW, Block OK, Lane C, Sukupolvi-Petty S, Goncalvez AP, Johnson S, Diamond MS, Lai CJ, Rose RC, Jin X, Schlesinger JJ. "Dengue virus neutralization is modulated by IgG antibody subclass and Fcgamma receptor subtype." Virology. 2009 Nov 25; 394(2):175-82. Epub 2009 Oct 14.
2009 Mar
Arévalo MT, Simpson-Haidaris PJ, Kou Z, Schlesinger JJ, Jin X. "Primary human endothelial cells support direct but not antibody-dependent enhancement of dengue viral infection." Journal of medical virology. 2009 Mar; 81(3):519-28.

Current Appointments

Professor Emeritus - Department of Medicine, Infectious Diseases (SMD) - Primary


Infectious Disease - American Board of Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine - American Board of Internal Medicine


MD | Medicine | Yale University Sch Medicine1968
BS | Chemistry | Brooklyn College, City University of New York1964

Post-Doctoral Training & Residency

Fellowship in Infectious Diseases at New England Medical Center Hospitals07/01/1972 - 06/30/1975
Residency in Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surg07/01/1971 - 06/30/1972
Internship in Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surg07/01/1970 - 06/30/1971
Residency in Pathology at Yale University -New Haven Hospital07/01/1969 - 06/30/1970
Internship in Pathology at Yale University -New Haven Hospital07/01/1968 - 06/30/1969