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Sundeep Malik, Ph.D.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 711
Rochester, NY 14642

Office: (585) 275-0859

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2006 Apr 21
Tesmer JJ. "Pharmacology. Hitting the hot spots of cell signaling cascades." Science. 2006 Apr 21; 312(5772):377-8.
2005 Jul
Malik S, Ghosh M, Bonacci TM, Tall GG, Smrcka AV. "Ric-8 enhances G protein betagamma-dependent signaling in response to betagamma-binding peptides in intact cells." Molecular pharmacology. 2005 Jul; 68(1):129-36. Epub 2005 Mar 31.
Bonacci, Tabetha M.; Ghosh, Mousumi; Malik, Sundeep; and Smrcka, Alan V. "Regulatory ineractions between the amino terminus of G-protein beta/gamma subunits and the catalytic domain of PLCbeta2." J Bio Chem. 2004; 10: 1074. Link
2000 Jan 17
Garry MG, Malik S, Yu J, Davis MA, Yang J. "Knock down of spinal NMDA receptors reduces NMDA and formalin evoked behaviors in rat." Neuroreport. 2000 Jan 17; 11(1):49-55.
Wang, S.; Cheng, Q.; Malik, S.; and Yang, J. "Interleukin 1-B inhibits GABA gated current in cultured hippocampal neurons." J Pharmacol Exp Therapeutics. 2000; 292: 497-504. Link
1995 May 15
Malik S, Huang CF, Schmidt J. "The role of the CANNTG promoter element (E box) and the myocyte-enhancer-binding-factor-2 (MEF-2) site in the transcriptional regulation of the chick myogenin gene." European journal of biochemistry. 1995 May 15; 230(1):88-96.
Deb, J.K.; Malik, S.; Ghosh, V.K.; Mahai, S.; and Sethi, R. "Intergeneric protoplast fusion between xylanase producing Bacillus Subtilis and corynebacterium acetoacidophilium ATCC 21476." FEMS Microbio Lett. 1991; 71: 287-292. Link
Cameron, S.J.; Malike, S.; Lerner-Marmarosh, N.; Yan, C.; Akaike, M.; Lee, J-D; Abe, J-I; and Yang, J. "Regulation of EGF-induced Connexin 43 gap junction communication by BMK1/ERK5 but not ERK1/2 kinase activiation." J. Biol. Chem. 278(20): 18682-18688. Link
Goubaeva, F.; Ghosh, M.; Malik, S.; Yang, J.; Hinkle, P.M.; Griendling, K.K.; Neubig, R.R.; and Smrcka, A.V. "Stimulation of cellular signaling and G protein subunit dissociation by G protein beta gamma subunit binding peptides." J Biol Chem. 278(22): 19634-19641. Link
Cameron, S.J.; Abe, J.I.; Malik, S.; Che, W.; Yang, J. "Differential Role of MEK5(alpha) and MEK5 (beta) in BMK1/ERK5 Activiation." J Biol Chem. 279(2): 1506-1512. Link