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Andrea Sant, Ph.D.

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Office: (585) 275-9798

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Lab: (585) 273-5385

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Our research seeks to understand the elements in vivo that dictate the selective specificities in CD4 T cells during protective immune responses, the competitive events that shape selective recognition of foreign and pathogenic organisms in vivo. We seek to identify links between the specificity and function of CD4 T cells. A major interest in our laboratory is the role of CD4 T cells in immunity to influenza infection and vaccination, using both animal models and human studies. We have developed the technology to comprehensively evaluate the antigen specificity and the magnitude of the CD4 T cell responses using completely unbiased methodology and have most recently focused on the role and specificity of CD4 T cells in promoting neutralizing antibody responses to influenza infection and vaccination both in human subjects and animal models.

To address these research topics, our lab utilizes many sophisticated tools and approaches, such as novel, recombinant fluorescent reporter viruses, multiparameter flow cytometry, imaging, gene expression and multiple animal models of influenza infection and vaccination. To complement the mechanistic studies we are performing in animal models, we are also assessing cellular responses from human samples. To this end, insights gained from our studies from human vaccine trials aim to dissect correlates of immune protection and reveal possible links between antigen specificity and effector function of CD4 T cells. Because our work is highly interdisciplinary, we currently have exciting intra and inter-center collaborations with virologists and infectious disease specialists, providing a wide range of expertise and clinically relevant, research-focused training opportunities.



BA | SUNY College at Oswego
Chemistry and Biology

PhD | Washington University


AAI Awards Committee

Section Editor
Sponsor: Journal of Immunology

Ad Hoc reviewer
Sponsor: CMI-A study Section

Ad Hoc reviewer
Sponsor: CMI-B Study Section

Ad Hoc reviewer
Sponsor: NIH VMD Study Section

2005 - 2007
Sponsor: Cellular and Molecular Immunology (CMI-B) Study Section

2003 - 2005
Ad Hoc reviewer
Sponsor: NIH/NIAID Immunobiology Study Section

2002 - Present
Elected to Faculty of 1000 in Immunology

Ad Hoc reviewer
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health Study Sections

Breast Cancer Study Section
Sponsor: Department of Army

Ad Hoc reviewer
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health Study Sections

Study Section
Sponsor: Department of Defense

Breast Cancer Study Section
Sponsor: Department of Army

Study Section
Sponsor: Department of Defense

1996 - 1999
Study Section Co-Chair
Sponsor: American Heart Association

1996 - 1997
Sponsor: Arthritis Foundation Study Section (Co Chair 1996)

1994 - 1996
Ad Hoc reviewer
Sponsor: American Cancer Society Study Section

1994 - 1995
Ad Hoc reviewer
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health Study Sections

1989 - 1990
Zeisler Junior Faculty Scholars Award
Location: $25,000

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Journal Articles

Richards KA, Treanor JJ, Nayak JL, Sant AJ. "Overarching Immunodominance Patterns and Substantial Diversity in Specificity and Functionality in the Circulating Human Influenza A and B Virus-Specific CD4+ T-Cell Repertoire." The Journal of infectious diseases.. 2018 Aug 24; 218(7):1169-1174.

Sant AJ, Richards KA, Nayak J. "Distinct and complementary roles of CD4 T cells in protective immunity to influenza virus." Current opinion in immunology.. 2018 Aug 0; 53:13-21. Epub 2018 Apr 02.

DiPiazza A, Laniewski N, Rattan A, Topham DJ, Miller J, Sant AJ. "CD4 T Cell Epitope Specificity and Cytokine Potential Are Preserved as Cells Transition from the Lung Vasculature to Lung Tissue following Influenza Virus Infection." Journal of virology.. 2018 Jul 1; 92(13)Epub 2018 Jun 13.

Books & Chapters

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Edited By: J Frelinger
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