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Krishnan Padmanabhan, Ph.D.

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Professional Background

Dr. Padmanabhan received his BS in Biology and History and his MS in Physiological Sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles, his PhD at Carnegie Mellon University and was the Francis Crick-Irwin Jacobs Junior Fellow at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies before arriving at the University of Rochester.


Dr. Padmanabhan's research aims to understand principles of neuronal function in the mammalian brain using experimental and computational methods with a focus on uncovering the biological bases of psychiatric disorders. Work in the Padmanabhan lab uses multi-electrode electrophysiology, induced-Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) technology, imaging, and theoretical models to address three outstanding questions in neuroscience.

1) How does the brain represents features of the world via patterns of neuronal activity?
2) How does memory and experience shape the process of sensory perception?
3) How are these functions disrupted in neurological and psychiatric disorders?


Journal Articles

Feng G, Joseph A, Dholakia K, Shang F, Pfeifer CW, Power D, Padmanabhan K, Schallek J. "High-resolution structural and functional retinal imaging in the awake behaving mouse." Communications biology.. 2023 May 29; 6(1):572. Epub 2023 May 29.

Villanueva DM, Taunk P, Krishnan P, Figueroa N. "Emerging Multiorgan Klebsiella pneumoniae Invasive Syndrome Leading to Septic Shock: A Case Report and Review of the Literature." Cure?us.. 2022 Jul; 14(7):e26647. Epub 2022 Jul 07.

Chen Z, Padmanabhan K. "Top-down feedback enables flexible coding strategies in the olfactory cortex." Cell reports.. 2022 Mar 22; 38(12):110545.