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Marie-Patricia Luck, M.B.Ch.B.


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Journal Articles

Kenny, M.; Luck, P.; Koerbel, L. "Tending the Field of Mindfulness-Based Programs: The Development of International Integrity Guidelines for Teachers and Teacher Training" . Global Advances in Health and Medicine. Feature Article in Special Collection: Intervention Fidelity in Mindfulness-Based Research and Practice. 2020; 9.

Gallegos, A.M.; Heffner, K.L.; Cerulli, C., Luck, P.; McGuinness, S.; Pigeon, W.R. "Effects of Mindfulness Training on Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms from a Community-Based Pilot Clinical Trial among Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence" . Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy. 2020; 8(12): 859–868.

Kirby, J; Luck, P. "Physician Self Care". SMJ/CME. 2014; 104(7): 513.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Ethics and Teaching Mindfulness to Physicians and Health Care Professionals
Book Title: Practitioners Guide to Ethics and Mindfulness-Based Interventions
Author List: Krasner, M; Luck, P
Published By: Springer Publishing2017 in New York, NY