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Kuan Hong Wang, Ph.D.


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"Developmental Exposure to Psychostimulant Primes Activity-dependent Gene Induction in Frontal Cortex." Developmental neurobiology.. 2019 Jan 0; 79(1):96-108. Epub 2018 Dec 19.

"Touch and tactile neuropathic pain sensitivity are set by corticospinal projections." Nature.. 2018 Sep 0; 561(7724):547-550. Epub 2018 Sep 12.

"Mechanism and consequence of abnormal calcium homeostasis in Rett syndrome astrocytes." eLife.. 2018 Mar 29; 7Epub 2018 Mar 29.

"Skin suturing and cortical surface viral infusion improves imaging of neuronal ensemble activity with head-mounted miniature microscopes." Journal of neuroscience methods.. 2017 Nov 1; 291:238-248. Epub 2017 Aug 19.

"Deconstruction of Corticospinal Circuits for Goal-Directed Motor Skills." Cell.. 2017 Oct 5; 171(2):440-455.e14. Epub 2017 Sep 21.

"Dopamine is Required for Activity-Dependent Amplification of Arc mRNA in Developing Postnatal Frontal Cortex." Cerebral cortex.. 2017 Jul 1; 27(7):3600-3608.

"Genetic Disruption of Arc/Arg3.1 in Mice Causes Alterations in Dopamine and Neurobehavioral Phenotypes Related to Schizophrenia." Cell reports.. 2016 Aug 23; 16(8):2116-2128. Epub 2016 Aug 11.

"Genetic Feedback Regulation of Frontal Cortical Neuronal Ensembles Through Activity-Dependent Arc Expression and Dopaminergic Input." Frontiers in neural circuits. 2016 10:100. Epub 2016 Dec 06.

"CHRNA7 and CHRFAM7A mRNAs: co-localized and their expression levels altered in the postmortem dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in major psychiatric disorders." The American journal of psychiatry.. 2015 Nov 1; 172(11):1122-30. Epub 2015 Jul 24.

"Motor Learning Consolidates Arc-Expressing Neuronal Ensembles in Secondary Motor Cortex." Neuron.. 2015 Jun 17; 86(6):1385-92. Epub 2015 Jun 04.

Mastwal S, Ye Y, Ren M, Jimenez DV, Martinowich K, Gerfen CR, Wang KH. "Phasic dopamine neuron activity elicits unique mesofrontal plasticity in adolescence." The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience.. 2014 Jul 16; 34(29):9484-96.

Ren M, Cao V, Ye Y, Manji HK, Wang KH. "Arc regulates experience-dependent persistent firing patterns in frontal cortex." The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience.. 2014 May 7; 34(19):6583-95.

Jakkamsetti V, Tsai NP, Gross C, Molinaro G, Collins KA, Nicoletti F, Wang KH, Osten P, Bassell GJ, Gibson JR, Huber KM. "Experience-induced Arc/Arg3.1 primes CA1 pyramidal neurons for metabotropic glutamate receptor-dependent long-term synaptic depression." Neuron.. 2013 Oct 2; 80(1):72-9. Epub 2013 Oct 02.

Cao VY, Ye Y, Mastwal SS, Lovinger DM, Costa RM, Wang KH. "In vivo two-photon imaging of experience-dependent molecular changes in cortical neurons." Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE.. 2013 Jan 5; (71)Epub 2013 Jan 05.

Furth KE, Mastwal S, Wang KH, Buonanno A, Vullhorst D. "Dopamine, cognitive function, and gamma oscillations: role of D4 receptors." Frontiers in cellular neuroscience.. 2013 7:102. Epub 2013 Jul 02.

Cavanaugh J, Monosov IE, McAlonan K, Berman R, Smith MK, Cao V, Wang KH, Boyden ES, Wurtz RH. "Optogenetic inactivation modifies monkey visuomotor behavior." Neuron.. 2012 Dec 6; 76(5):901-7.

McCurry CL, Shepherd JD, Tropea D, Wang KH, Bear MF, Sur M. "Loss of Arc renders the visual cortex impervious to the effects of sensory experience or deprivation." Nature neuroscience.. 2010 Apr 0; 13(4):450-7. Epub 2010 Mar 14.

Lu B, Wang KH, Nose A. "Molecular mechanisms underlying neural circuit formation." Current opinion in neurobiology.. 2009 Apr 0; 19(2):162-7. Epub 2009 May 18.

Leamey CA, Glendining KA, Kreiman G, Kang ND, Wang KH, Fassler R, Sawatari A, Tonegawa S, Sur M. "Differential gene expression between sensory neocortical areas: potential roles for Ten_m3 and Bcl6 in patterning visual and somatosensory pathways." Cerebral cortex.. 2008 Jan 0; 18(1):53-66. Epub 2007 May 02.

Wang KH, Majewska A, Schummers J, Farley B, Hu C, Sur M, Tonegawa S. "In vivo two-photon imaging reveals a role of arc in enhancing orientation specificity in visual cortex." Cell.. 2006 Jul 28; 126(2):389-402.

Nguyen Ba-Charvet KT, Brose K, Ma L, Wang KH, Marillat V, Sotelo C, Tessier-Lavigne M, Chédotal A. "Diversity and specificity of actions of Slit2 proteolytic fragments in axon guidance." The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience.. 2001 Jun 15; 21(12):4281-9.

Kawai J, Shinagawa A, Shibata K, Yoshino M, Itoh M, Ishii Y, Arakawa T, Hara A, Fukunishi Y, Konno H, Adachi J, Fukuda S, Aizawa K, Izawa M, Nishi K, Kiyosawa H, Kondo S, Yamanaka I, Saito T, Okazaki Y, Gojobori T, Bono H, Kasukawa T, Saito R, Kadota K, Matsuda H, Ashburner M, Batalov S, Casavant T, Fleischmann W, Gaasterland T, Gissi C, King B, Kochiwa H, Kuehl P, Lewis S, Matsuo Y, Nikaido I, Pesole G, Quackenbush J, Schriml LM, Staubli F, Suzuki R, Tomita M, Wagner L, Washio T, Sakai K, Okido T, Furuno M, Aono H, Baldarelli R, Barsh G, Blake J, Boffelli D, Bojunga N, Carninci P, de Bonaldo MF, Brownstein MJ, Bult C, Fletcher C, Fujita M, Gariboldi M, Gustincich S, Hill D, Hofmann M, Hume DA, Kamiya M, Lee NH, Lyons P, Marchionni L, Mashima J, Mazzarelli J, Mombaerts P, Nordone P, Ring B, Ringwald M, Rodriguez I, Sakamoto N, Sasaki H, Sato K, Schönbach C, Seya T, Shibata Y, Storch KF, Suzuki H, Toyo-oka K, Wang KH, Weitz C, Whittaker C, Wilming L, Wynshaw-Boris A, Yoshida K, Hasegawa Y, Kawaji H, Kohtsuki S, Hayashizaki Y, . "Functional annotation of a full-length mouse cDNA collection." Nature.. 2001 Feb 8; 409(6821):685-90.

"Biochemical purification of a mammalian slit protein as a positive regulator of sensory axon elongation and branching." Cell.. 1999 Mar 19; 96(6):771-84.

Brose K, Bland KS, Wang KH, Arnott D, Henzel W, Goodman CS, Tessier-Lavigne M, Kidd T. "Slit proteins bind Robo receptors and have an evolutionarily conserved role in repulsive axon guidance." Cell.. 1999 Mar 19; 96(6):795-806.