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Michele E. Smith, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Squire KD, Vazquez SN, Chan A, Smith ME, Deepak C, Vose L, Teppa B, Hanson IC, Chinn IK, Forbes- Satter L, Seeborg F, Nicholas SK, Martinez CA, Allen CE, Connors TJ, Satwani P, Shtessel M, Ale H, Noroski N, Rider NL, Milner JD, Leiding JW. "Case Report: Secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis with disseminated infection in chronic granulomatous disease – A serious cause of mortality. Front. Immunol., 2020; 11:581475". 2020; .

Smith ME, Wilson PT. "Human rhinovirus/enterovirus in pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome. Journal of Pediatric Intensive Care. 2019; 9(2):81-86". Journal of Pediatric Intensive Care. 2019; .

Smith M, Hoffman J, Sojar H, Aalinkeel R, Hsiao CB, Hicar M. "Assessment of antibody interference of Enfuvirtide (T20) function shows assay dependent variability. Current HIV Research. 2018; 16(6): 404-415". Current HIV Research. 2018; : 404-415.