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Arielle H. Sheftall, Ph.D.

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Office: (585) 275-4854

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Arielle H. Sheftall, PhD is an Associate Professor at the University of Rochester Medical Center in the Department of Psychiatry in Rochester, New York. She is also the Director of Academic Affairs for the Diversity, Inclusion, Culture, and Equity (DICE) Board for the department. Her research focuses on the developmental mechanisms in early to middle childhood that confer vulnerability to future suicidal behavior. It is her goal to frame targets for early intervention to decrease incidence of a first suicide attempt in at-risk youth. Additionally, Dr. Sheftall is interested in the racial disparities present in suicidal behavior among youth. She is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus Emergency Taskforce that continues to examine risk factors, practice, and policy recommendations necessary to decrease suicidal behaviors in Black youth and is a subject matter expert for the Office of Minority Health focusing on mental health promotion and suicide prevention for Black youth. Finally, Dr. Sheftall receives funding from the National Institute of Mental Health and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.



MS | Ohio State University
Human Development and Family Studies

PhD | Ohio State University
Human Development and Family Studies


Journal Articles

Wang C, Keilp JG, Galfalvy H, Bridge JA, Sheftall AH, Szanto K. "Entrapment and social problem-solving in suicidal behavior across the adult lifespan." Journal of affective disorders.. 2023 Feb 24; Epub 2023 Feb 24.

Bridge JA, Ruch DA, Sheftall AH, Hahm HC, O'Keefe VM, Fontanella CA, Brock G, Campo JV, Horowitz LM. "Youth Suicide During the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic." Pediatrics.. 2023 Feb 15; Epub 2023 Feb 15.

Sheftall AH, Vakil F, Ruch DA, Boyd RC, Lindsey MA, Bridge JA. "Black Youth Suicide: Investigation of Current Trends and Precipitating Circumstances." Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.. 2022 May; 61(5):662-675. Epub 2021 Sep 09.