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Holiday Gift for Friends of Strong

Friends of Strong received a generous gift of $10,000 from Federal Home Loan Bank of NY this holiday season. We continue to be grateful to those who donate funds to Friends of Strong and particularly thankful for our partnership with Advantage Federal Credit Union.

Jeff Bocach, President/CEO of Advantage Federal Credit Union, presented the gift to us on December 27th, 2023. 

sandra and jeff with check“Through our affiliation with the Federal Home Loan Bank of NY, Advantage Federal Credit Union gained access to a grant program to help non-profit organizations in our area. Given the longstanding relationship between the University of Rochester and Advantage, we decided to use a portion of this grant money to donate a check for $10,000 to the Friends of Strong. We are thankful to have access to such amazing health care in Rochester and we know that the Friends of Strong does an excellent job of supporting the overall quality of care and services."

Friends of Strong would like to thank Jeff for choosing our program. It is always an honor to be considered for gifts like these. Friends of Strong will continue to serve the community into this new year.


Thank you for your interest in making a gift to Friends of Strong Memorial Hospital. We're an organization of volunteers advancing the mission of Strong Memorial Hospital:

  • by enhancing the health care experience for patients, families, and visitors;
  • by promoting the hospital throughout our community; and
  • by raising money to support programs and initiatives designed to enhance the patient experience.
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Emily A. Teitsworth | 12/29/2023

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