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Friends of Strong Gift Helps Fight Glaucoma

The state-of-the-art glaucoma-fighting laser technology Friends of Strong purchased for the Flaum Eye Institute.As part of our annual allocations to help support patient- and family-centered care initiatives, programs and equipment, Friends of Strong last year awarded funding for Flaum Eye Institute (FEI) to add a new tool to its armamentarium for fighting glaucoma.

The technology, an Iridex MicroPulse laser system, was recently installed and FEI glaucoma specialist Regina Smolyak, M.D., began using the device in November.

The laser helps lower eye pressure in open angle glaucoma by improving drainage of fluid in the eye through a fibrous structure called the trabecular meshwork.

Friends of Strong provided $26,000 to purchase the state-of-the-art laser which—according to the Iridex website—is currently the only one in use in our region.

Friends of Strong has given more than $215,000 to enhance the patient experience at Flaum Eye Institute throughout the past 42 years.

Susan Sullivan | 6/9/2017

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