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Ethics Consult

Sometimes choosing a health care path that feels personal and appropriate for yourself or a loved one can be challenging. Please know that support and guidance is available to help you navigate any unfamiliar, sensitive territory. Strong Memorial Hospital’s Ethics Consultation Service is available to help patients, families and members of a health care team explore the issues and choices surrounding a difficult care decision.

Strong’s ethics consultants can assist with numerous areas of concern for patients, families and health care team members. Some of these areas may include:

  • Unclear treatment goals
  • Uncertainty regarding decision-making goals
  • Assistance in conflict resolution.
  • End-of-life choices

Our consultants are also available to assist family and health care team members in the event that a patient is unable to make decisions on their own.


You may call the Ethics Consultation Service directly at (585) 275-5800 or the Strong Memorial Hospital Operator Service at (585) 275-2222 and ask them to page the Ethics Consultant who is on call. If you prefer, you may also ask your doctor or nurse to request an ethics consultation on your behalf. Ethics consults are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Learn more about Ethics Consultation Services.