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Cancer Center

Our Cancer Center social workers are licensed professionals who can help you, your family, and friends manage the emotional, financial, social, and other non-medical concerns that may accompany cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Associate Director: Peg Bierley, LMSW (585) 275-4736

Social Work Manager: Sandra Sabatka, LMSW (585) 275-6426

Cancer Center Social Workers

Unit Social Worker   Phone Number
Infusion Center at Highland Michelle Kettinger LMSW (585) 472-3168
Oncology Sandra Sabatka LMSW (585) 275-6426
Interlakes Oncology

Ellen Harradine

Heather Schultz



(585) 236-3700

(585) 236-3700

Radiation Oncology Rita Goodman
Barbara Guttman
(585) 275-4631
WCC5 Surgical Oncology Elaine Dolan LMSW (585) 273-2888
Outpatient Bone Marrow Transplant Mike Ellis LMSW (585) 275-5284
Inpatient WCC6 Bone Marrow Transplant Hannah  Cholach MSW (585) 895-9450
WCC7 Hematology/Oncology Kirsten Shea LMSW (585) 275-2853
Outpatient Oncology

Jackie Bill


(585) 275-5908

Pluta Cancer Center

Katie Pummell

Adina Heckelman



(585) 486-0580

(585) 486-0579

Outpatient Oncology Tahelah Noel LMSW (585) 275-7773

Myers Cancer Center

Outpatient Oncology

Sarah Ward LMSW (585) 703-7219
Webster Oncology Patrice Rogers LMSW (585) 602-3178
Inpatient Palliative Care Ziv Noam LMSW (585) 895-9914


Social Work Support at the Wilmot Cancer Institute

Wilmot Cancer Institute Support Groups