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Child and Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Service (CAPHS) Social Work

The Child and Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Service serves 12–18 year olds with acute mental health concerns who do not require inpatient treatment, but are not able to manage in the community. The social workers function as primary therapists and the social work assistant assists with continuity of care both at the onset of admission and at the end of treatment. All of the Social Workers participate in facilitation of group therapy. Patients attend five days per week for between 1 and 3 weeks. The length of stay is directly related to acute care needs. The CAPHS provides individual and family treatment as well as group intervention. Treatment in this service is provided by an interdisciplinary team. Partial Hospitalization emphasizes group intervention and is considered "inpatient without walls." Patients who are treated in this program have a variety of psychiatric diagnoses and are in an acute phase of their treatment, but safe enough to be treated outside of an inpatient unit. The program is geared toward helping patients to understand and manage the symptoms of their mental illness and to achieve improved stability.

Our Social Workers

Social Worker   Title
Charlene Weeks LCSW-R Program Director, Sr. Social Worker
Amelia Abu Zuhri LCSW Primary Therapist
Sabrina Barboza MSW Primary Therapist
Susan Colligan LCSW-R Intake Evaluator
Grace Hartman BSW Social Work Assistant
Ebony Jenkins BSW Social Work Assistant
Theresa Luciano BSW Intake Coordinator
Charles Manning BSW Social Work Assistant
Carolyn Marchetti LMSW Primary Therapist
Whitney Mejias LMSW Primary Therapist
Jessica Nenni LMSW Primary Therapist
Nadine Roman LMSW Primary Therapist
John Shafer LCSW-R Intake Evaluator
Melissa Toy BSW Social Worker Assistant
Liorah Walton BSW Social Worker Assistant

For Further Assistance

Please contact CAPHS at (585) 273-1776 or Intake Coordinator at (585) 273-1779.