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Strong Memorial Hospital / Services & Amenities / Wheelchairs & Golf Carts

Wheelchairs & Golf Carts

When you come to Strong Memorial Hospital, we hope you take comfort in knowing that complimentary visitor transport services are readily available for anyone who needs assistance walking or getting around.


Wheelchair assistance is available upon request for our patients, families and visitors. Simply go to the Main Hospital Information Center where an ambassador will be happy to assist you in getting to your location. If you are visiting a loved one and need assistance getting back down to the lobby, please ask the unit nurse to contact the information desk. An ambassador will come up with a wheelchair to assist you.

In addition to traditional wheelchairs, we have a larger-sized, motorized wheelchair that is available for those who may need the additional space.

Patients who would like wheelchair assistance should contact their nurse.

Golf Carts

A comfortable golf cart is available to help you move throughout the main floor of the medical center, taking you to elevators or other main floor destinations. Please go to the Main Information Center in the main lobby and ask for assistance. A golf cart is also available to take visitors from Strong to the Wilmot Cancer Center.

You can contact the Ambassadors by calling the Main Hospital Information Center at (585) 275-2182.