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Patient Stories from the Evarts Joint Center

One of the best ways to learn about the Evarts Joint Center is to read stories about our patients.

Hip Resurfacing

Doug, click here to see his story.Doug was highly active—playing lacrosse, running triathlons and leading exercise classes. But arthritis threatened to take away all the things he loved.

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Hip Replacement

Anne Hughes, click here to read more of her story.Anne Hughes had been active since childhood. But a rare hip disorder eventually made it difficult for her to even stand at the counter to make dinner. Thanks to two hip replacements, Anne has now returned to walking miles every day.

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Hip and Knee Replacement

Glenn William, click here to read more of his story.Glenn William is a respected tennis pro who has trained many top champions. But because of his genetics, he would eventually need to have both hips and both knees replaced. Amazingly, he is now back to coaching and playing tennis.

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