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You would never guess that Anne was nearly crippled by hip pain.

"I've always been very active," says Anne. "But, I started noticing a catch in my hip when I was walking. My doctor sent me for physical therapy, but it just got worse."

Anne did her best to put up with the pain. Eventually, she began relying on anti-inflammatory medications to relieve the constant ache in her hips. But over the next ten years, the pain only got worse. No one was able to pinpoint the cause of her problems until Anne was referred to orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Allen Boyd of the Evarts Joint Center.

Dr Boyd discovered that she had a condition known as congenital hip dysplasia. He explained that Anne's hip sockets were very shallow and didn't completely enclose the balls at the end of her femurs—the long bone in the upper leg. "My mom could barely walk when she was in her 70s," said Anne. "I'm guessing she had something like this."

Dr. Boyd noted that the best option, because of the severity of her condition, would be a total hip replacement. Before making her decision, though, Anne wanted to do some research.

"Dr. Boyd came highly recommended," says Anne. "I spoke to other people who had gone to him. I found out that he was very thorough and would refuse to do a hip replacement if he didn't think it was the right thing."

Anne decided to go ahead with hip replacement for her more painful hip, the left one. Because of her young age, just 49 at the time, Anne wanted to make sure her new joint would last a long time. After doing research on hip replacement prosthetics and discussions with Dr. Boyd, her first choice was a new ceramic joint.

When Anne woke up from her surgery, the pain that had been her constant companion for years was gone. With the help of the nursing staff, Anne was up and walking with a walker the very next day. By the next week, she was shopping at Wegmans with the aid of a walker.

"I am so grateful for Dr. Boyd and the Evarts Joint Center," says Anne. "Without them, I would be much like my mother who was unable to even walk in a mall." The pain relief Anne felt after her second hip replacement was even greater than the first. Gradually, she worked her way back into her highly active lifestyle. On most days, Anne walks several miles.

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