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The Messersmith Fellowship/Goodman Dissertation

The Messersmith Fellowship is a one-year fellowship for students in the pre-clinical departments of the School of Medicine and Dentistry or in Biology, Chemistry, Optics or Physics. Appropriate candidates have passed the qualifying exam and are in the process of writing their dissertations or are at least engaged in full-time research. The Fellowship provides stipend support.

The Goodman Dissertation Fellowship is an award given to the Messersmith fellowship nominee ranked 3rd of all the nominees.  The Goodman family endowed a fund to provide financial assistance to doctoral candidates in the biological or physical sciences.  The Fellowship provides stipend support. 

Award Recipients

  • 2010 - Biochemistry - Christopher Hine
  • 2011 - Biochemistry - Chenguang Gong
  • 2016 - Clarence Ling
  • 2017 - Lu Han
  • 2018 - Goodman Dissertation - Leslie Salas-Estrada
  • 2019 - Louis Smith (BSCB)