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Imaging and Radiation


The Live Animal Advanced Imaging and Radiation Shared Resource provides technologies, expertise, and training for state-of-the-art animal imaging and radiation tools required for clinically relevant animal model development, as well as post-treatment tissue handling, processing, and imaging.

Services include:

  • Radiation biology and advanced imaging consultation, including aid in hypothesis generation; experimental design and execution; input on data analysis plans; and manuscript preparation or review.
  • Imaging services, including independent microscope use or staff-assisted image acquisition. Resources include the Center for Advanced Light Microscopy and Nanoscopy.
  • Radiation services, including training and independent use of the gamma cell irradiator (and cesium source) and technical assistance with the SARRP, which allows image-guided radiation delivery mimicking clinical practice. Assistance is also available for the IVIS in vivo imaging system and ultrasound.

Wilmot members receive 50% off list price on SARRP services and 15% across all other imaging modalities.


Brian Marples, Ph.D.
Professor of Radiation Oncology

V. Kaye Thomas, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Physiology