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Golisano Children's Hospital / Community Pediatrics Training / Longitudinal Advocacy Project Tracks (CARE)

Longitudinal Advocacy Project Tracks


2022 CARE Block participants

CARE Track

The Community Health and Advocacy Resident Education (CARE) Track is an elective two-year longitudinal experience, starting in the second year of residency. Since CARE Track started there have been over 200 resident participants. CARE starts with a two-week “mini-MPH” block. CARE project areas are determined by each resident's interests. CARE residents are also eligible for a small amount of grant funding to help with their community projects.

Refugee Track

Many of our residents do projects with refugee agencies. For those interested in medical care for refugees, we have a template developed by a CARE resident for a refugee track that involves spending time in a local refugee clinic while doing a refugee related project. For more information please reach out to Dr. Andy Aligne.

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CARE Projects


Dr. Bethany Marbaker

Early Literacy

Dr. Bethany Marbaker is hoping to improve early literacy promotion at Culver Medical Group by combining Science of Reading and Reach Out and Read.

Dr. Irene Martinez

School Integration

Dr. Irene Martinez would like to promote school integration by collaborating with local advocates and educating the community on its benefits.

Dr. Joanna Abaraoha

Domestic Violence Prevention in Nigeria

Dr. Joanna Abaraoha hopes to connect with NGOs to bring successful strategies to currently underserved areas.

Dr. Didi Okorozo

Reducing Period Poverty in Nigeria

Dr. Didi Okorozo is looking forward to increasing girls’ access to menstrual products and education.

Dr. Kunali Gurditta

Decreasing loneliness for Children with Disabilities

Dr. Kunali Gurditta hopes to work with local CBOs to increase connectedness.

Dr. Patrick Hebble

Healthy Homes

Dr. Patrick Hebble would like to decrease environmental asthma triggers.

Dr. Bingjie Li Dr. Shelby Nelipovich

Alleviating Period Poverty in Rochester

Drs. Bingjie Li and Shelby Nelipovich are hoping to work with schools and local CBOs to increase access to menstrual products.

Dr. Jade Willey

Fall Prevention

Dr. Jade Willey, an Internal Medicine resident, is interested in working towards preventing falls for the elderly.

Dr. Noor Asi

Saving babies in Syrian refugee camps

Dr. Noor Asi hopes to train birth attendants in the AAP’s “Helping Babies Breathe” program, which provides essential newborn resuscitation skills.


Dr. Katelyn Cappotelli

Flushing Out Obesity

Dr. Katelyn Nevin would like to decrease obesity by improving water access for kids, and decreasing consumption of sugary beverages at School 19. 

Dr. Marisa DeSanto

Building Generation Earth

Dr. Marisa DeSanto would like to improve fitness by connecting families to local R-Centers.

Dr. Tiffany Sheng

Increasing School Readiness

Dr. Tiffany Sheng hopes to increase kindergarten readiness by working with Reach Out and Read.

Dr. Sarah Khan 

Kids Who Compost

Dr. Sarah Khan is empowering kids to fight climate change by working with Impact Earth and the East Rochester School District.

Dr. Steph Nonawzki

Affirming Homes for LGBTQIA+

Dr. Steph Nonawzki is hoping to work with local organizations that support foster parenting to increase the number of affirming homes for the LGBTQIA+ foster population.

Dr. Liz Jilek

Improving Puberty Education

Dr. Liz Jilek would like to collaborate to increase access to high quality puberty education.

Anjali Patel

Prescription Vouchers for Fruits and Veggies

Drs. Anjali Patel is hoping to improve nutrition for families by collaborating with Cornell Cooperative Extension to hand out fruit and vegetable prescription vouchers.

Dr. Amanda Kaley

Decreasing Intimate Partner Violence

Dr. Amanda Kaley would like to work with local programs to promote comprehensive sexual education in schools to decrease intimate partner violence and increase healthy relationships.

Dr. Nneka Ogbutor

Hydroponic Gardening

Dr. Nneka Ogbutor is partnering with community organizations and local school districts to create indoor hydroponic garden projects that promote healthy eating.

Dr. Lara McHan Dr. Jordan Patterson

Reach Out and Read

Drs. Lara McHan and Jordan Patterson are hoping to increase exposure to literacy for families by establishing the national program Reach Out and Read at Culver Medical Group.

Dr. Tori Mattick

Prevention of Colorectal Cancer

Dr. Tori Mattick would like to decrease this disparity of lower colorectal cancer screening​ rates in the local "Latinx" population which has much lower colorectal cancer screening​ rates than other groups.