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Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Related NDBP Services, URMC Collaborations, and Resources

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    Related NDBP Services

    NDBP does not treat children with ADHD as their main diagnosis; however, we do treat children who have developmental disabilities as well as ADHD.

    • Behavior Interventions for Families Program - Teaches families ways to prevent bad behavior and increase positive behaviors, and teaches children the skills needed to behave in a desirable way.
    • Community Consultation Program - Provides technical assistance, training, and continuing education to schools, community and state agencies that provide services to children with learning and behavioral challenges.
    • Crisis Intervention Program - Provides services to individuals with a developmental or intellectual disability living in Monroe County with significant behavioral difficulties.

    URMC Collaborations


    You can find resources for ADHD in our Resource Directory!