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Patient Stories

Why We Do What We Do

Helping kids get back on the move - and guiding their development toward a healthy, active adulthood - keeps this team going.

Our patients inspire us every day.

Dancer Rallied from Hip Surgery Four Years Ago - Now, She is Doing it Again

"It was definitely a mental battle the first time, because it meant I had to stop dancing. But I knew if I didn't get the surgery done, I was wasn't going to be able to ever go back to it."

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Hornell Teenager Walking Tall After Knee Surgeries

"I often tell families that I do one day of work, but they do a lot more said O'Malley. But Nick and his family were both very determined, They were committed to getting him better."

Read Nicholas' story.

Scoliosis Treatment Helps Equestrian Return to Riding

"I had confidence that Sarah could go back to her chosen sport after the surgery. She really was the key to this success; she had the energy and the drive to follow her recovery plan so that she could get back on her horse and handle riding and jumping."

Read Sarah's story.