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Outpatient Visits

Outpatient Supportive Care Through Our Clinic

Supportive care continues even after a child is discharged from the hospital. Our Supportive Care Outpatient Clinic offers phone consultations, video visits, and in-person appointments to support families as they continue to care for their child at home.

At these outpatient appointments, we help families manage symptoms like pain and nausea, provide an opportunity to talk through tough decisions, and prepare for upcoming treatment plans and options. We are here to answer questions families may have regarding their child’s care and to provide a listening ear.

We offer half-day clinics twice a month with a doctor and/or nurse practitioner. These visits can be in-person at the medical center or virtual. In order to minimize a child’s need to make repeat visits to the hospital, we are flexible and do our best to coordinate a time when families are here for an already scheduled appointment.

To make an appointment with our Outpatient Supportive Care Clinic, call 585-275-0121.