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Golisano Children's Hospital / Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Pediatric Hospital Medicine serves our region's children, their families, and their community doctors. Our academic division leads and develops educational programs in pediatric hospital medicine for healthcare providers and conducts nationally recognized clinical, educational, quality improvement, and translational research.

A Pediatric Hospitalist...

  • Is a doctor who takes care of children who are hospitalized for common pediatric illnesses or have multiple medical problemsPediatric Hospital Medicine
  • Is quickly available to give care if an urgent situation arises
  • Is an expert in coordinating care when multiple care providers are involved
  • Gives recommendations to specialist physicians if they have questions about general pediatric hospital care
  • Is familiar with the hospital system of care and helps to improve it
  • Is extensively involved in teaching and supervising doctors who are training to become pediatricians
  • Conducts research in how to make hospital care for children better

How Does a Pediatric Hospitalist Work With My Child's Doctor?

When your child is admitted to the hospital, your child's regular doctor asks the hospitalist to care for your child. The hospitalist develops the initial plan of care, discusses it with your child's doctor at the time of admission, and then is responsible for managing your child's care during the rest of the hospitalization.

At the time of discharge, the hospitalist discusses the plan of outpatient care with your child's doctor.

At all times, your child's regular doctor is welcome to visit your child in the hospital and assist in the overall plan of care.

A written summary of the hospital stay is then sent to your child's doctor, including the plan of care recommended for your child at home.