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Golisano Children's Hospital / Pediatric Hospital Medicine / Resources for Patients & Families

Resources for Patients & Families

Your Child's Hospital Stay

Information for Parents - Our goal is to work with you as a team, keep you involved and always be responsive to your child's health care needs.

  • Child Life 
    The Pediatric Hospital Medicine physicians work closely with Child Life staff to reduce the stress of being in the hospital for you and your child.
  • Get Well Network
    Get Well Network provides patients and families with access to educational material, hospital services, entertainment services, and feedback tools.
  • Ask a Librarian
    Patients and families can request medical information from medical center librarians.

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald kitchen

Families are stronger when they are together, and their presence helps a sick child heal faster and cope better. While Ronald McDonald House Charities® cannot make medicine taste better or take away painful treatments, we can help lessen the burden and ensure families have the stability and resources to keep their child healthy and happy.


Is an online space where you can connect, share news, and receive support. It’s your very own health social network, coming together on your personalized website. A, is available 24/7 to anyone, anywhere, and at no cost.