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Clinical Services

Electronic discharge

  • Pediatric Hospital Medicine is responsible for the care of patients on general care units as well as patients who come in through the Pediatric Emergency Department.
  • You may hear the Pediatric Hospital Medicine physicians referred to as the "attending" or supervising physician overseeing the residents and fellows.
  • Pediatric care may be co-managed with other services such as surgery, infectious diseases and orthopaedics.
  • When your child is admitted the Pediatric Hospital Medicine Service will contact your child's primary care physician and will provide them with a contact number. 
  • When your child is ready to leave the hospital, the Pediatric Hospital Medicine Service will send an electronic discharge summary to your child's primary care physician and also provide a copy of the discharge summary to you.

Pediatric Hospital Medicine Chronic Care Service

  • The service cares for children and families who have complex medical needs, technology dependence, and multiple chronic conditions.
  • The team consists of pediatric nurse practitioners and pediatric hospital medicine physicians
  • Other specialists are integrated into care such as pharmacy, care coordinators, registered dietitians, and palliative care.
  • For a child who is medically fragile, the goal of the Chronic Care Service is to provide continuity of care during a hospital stay, decrease medication errors, and improve communication between multiple specialties and the child’s community setting.
  • The team members have special training in the care of children and families dealing with long term medical needs.